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Latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially the elderly and people with health problems, this can cause more serious illness or death.


– President Trump holds teleconference with sports commissioners

– The death toll in France exceeds 7,500 deaths due to the coronavirus.

– The Italian region of Lombardy requires people to wear masks outside.

NEW ORLEANS – State medical authorities prepare for Monday opening of Morial Convention Center, which is being converted to a medical support center to help local hospitals treat patients infected with the new coronavirus .

The plan is for the most critical patients to stay in hospitals and give those with less severe symptoms but who need medical care a place to go.

Joe Kanter, assistant public health assistant at the Louisiana Department of Health and among those visiting the convention center, told the media that the next three weeks were “incredibly critical.”

One of the facility’s goals is also to keep COVID-positive patients away from the general population.


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump reassures Little League baseball players that they should play again soon.

“Hang on to all of our kids who are missing the start of their @LittleLeague season! We will bring you back to the field and we know you are going to play baseball soon, ”he tweeted on Saturday. “We will go through this together, and the bats will swing before you know it.” In the meantime, take care of mom and dad, and know that it will not be forever! “

Little League President and CEO Stephen Keener said the players will be back soon. The Little League, like the major leagues, has suspended activities until mid-May, when the situation will be assessed, according to the Little League website.

The Little League website said officials “will continue to consult with appropriate medical counselors, government health officials and our volunteer leaders around the world, and we are committed to doing our best for safety and security.” well-being of our players, families, volunteers and fans. “


JOHANNESBURG – South Africa says part of a hospital in the city of Durban was closed after 11 cases of coronavirus were confirmed among patients and staff. These are three patients who died at St. Augustine Hospital. The health ministry says no new patients are admitted while “infection control gaps” are being investigated, and testing continues to “determine the true extent” of infections there. He asked anyone hospitalized since March 1 to contact the ministry. South Africa now has more than 1,500 cases, the most in Africa.


PARIS – France’s health director said 7,560 people have died from coronavirus problems in France since the start of the epidemic in the country, including at least 2,028 in nursing homes.

Jérôme Salomon spoke on Saturday evening at a daily press conference. According to these figures, France has recorded 441 additional deaths in hospitals in the last 24 hours. Information about nursing homes remains incomplete, as not all of them reported the number of people infected or killed as a result of COVID-19.

He also said that 28,143 people were currently hospitalized – including 6,838 in intensive care, an increase of 176 people in 24 hours in intensive care.

Among the critical patients, 35% are under 60 years of age.

“The number of people healed is also increasing very quickly,” said Salomon.


WASHINGTON – The White House said President Donald Trump spoke to sporting commissioners across the country on Saturday and told them that he recognized “the good work of many teams and players” for taking care of their children. communities and their fan bases in the face of the new coronavirus.

The virus has decimated the world of sport with the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League suspending their seasons indefinitely and Major League Baseball and the WNBA postponing the start of their season.

The NCAA basketball tournament was also canceled, as were university spring sports such as baseball and softball, lacrosse and athletics.

The White House said the commissioners thanked Trump for “national leadership and his interest in the sports industry.” He invited them to continue their efforts to support their fellow Americans during the current challenge.

A wide range of sports league officials participated in the call, including Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League, and Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA.


LONDON – Carrie Symonds, fiancé of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, says she is on the mend after a week of COVID-19 symptoms.

Symonds, 32, tweeted, “I spent the last week in bed with the main symptoms of coronavirus,” although it has not been tested.

Symonds, who is pregnant, does not currently reside with Johnson in the Prime Minister’s Downing St. residence.

She said in a tweet that “being pregnant with Covid-19 is obviously worrisome” but she was reassured by the latest medical advice.

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Says Babies Are Unlikely To Be Exposed To COVID-19 During Pregnancy And There Are No Data Currently Suggesting An Increased Risk Of Miscarriage For Pregnant Women .

Johnson tested positive for the virus on March 26 and remains in quarantine at Downing St. He said Friday that he is feeling better but still has a fever.


ISTANBUL – The Turkish Minister of Health has reported 76 new deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll in the country to 501.

Fahrettin Koca also increased the total number of COVID-19 infections to 23,934, reporting an additional 3,013 confirmed cases on Saturday. There are 1,311 patients in intensive care units across the country, 909 of whom are intubated.

A total of 786 people have recovered from new coronavirus infections, according to figures released by the Minister of Health on Twitter.


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Alleged mismanagement of essential supplies during Hurricane Maria has proven to be a boon for Puerto Rico as it battles an increase in coronavirus cases. Health Secretary Lorenzo González said Saturday that officials had discovered a cache of personal protective equipment that was urgently needed in a hospital on the neighboring island of Vieques, which has remained closed since the category storm. 4 in September 2017. He stated that the equipment includes face masks, gloves and gowns. and face shields in good condition. Puerto Rico has reported 18 deaths, including one of a nurse, and more than 450 confirmed cases, including police who requested more personal protective equipment.


ROME – The Italian region of Lombardy, ravaged by viruses, now requires residents to wear a protective mask when they go out in order to further reduce infections.

The ordinance of the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, comes into force on Sunday and lasts until April 13. It reflects similar orders from recent days from two other northern regions, Veneto and Alto Adige, which have been hit hard and require protective masks for residents, especially if you shop in stores and markets.

While the whole of Italy is subject to a national foreclosure, Lombardy has imposed particularly strict restrictions on movement and business operations to limit infections at the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe. The new ordinance extends these strict restrictions until mid-April, but makes a new exception to the closure of stationery stores to reopen them to allow students to buy school supplies.


SKOPJE, North Macedonia – There have been five deaths from the COVID-19 virus in North Macedonia in the past 24 hours, the highest toll from any day, bringing the total to 17. It There have been 53 new confirmed cases, bringing the total to 483 20 people have recovered. The medical staff is also infected. The country is locked, with closed borders, playgrounds, schools and all prohibited sports and other public events. A curfew from 4 p.m. to 5 a.m. is in effect on weekends.


WASHINGTON – The District of Columbia has announced 145 new COVID-19 coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 902, with six new deaths bringing the total to 15. Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a stay order for approximately 700 000 people in Washington residents. Neighboring Maryland and Virginia followed suit. Bowser declared a state of emergency, closed all schools and ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses. Tours of the White House and the Capitol have been canceled and the National Zoo, the Smithsonian museum system and the Kennedy Center have closed.


ROME – Italy sees increased relief from the coronavirus epidemic in its blocked intensive care units, with 74 fewer beds used in the last day across the country.

The head of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli, said that the drop in saturation of intensive care was “important news because it allows our hospitals to breathe.” Intensive care services in Lombardy, the epicenter of the European epidemic, have been full for weeks, but on Saturday there were 56 fewer beds in service than the day before.

Overall, new infections continued to slow down their once exponential rate, with 4,805 new cases registered on Saturday, bringing the official number in Italy to 124,632. The death toll continued to rise, with 681 new victims bringing the highest number of victims to 15,362.

Italian authorities have urged Italians to continue to observe rigorously the first and most complete national closure in the West after some Italians have been seen strolling and shopping in large numbers in various cities. Officials say the emergency is still ongoing and the infection curve remains at a plateau, not yet initiating its hoped-for decline.

TORONTO – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said Canada will not take retaliatory or punitive measures against the United States after the Trump administration announced it will prevent the export of N95 face masks.

Trudeau says he will speak to President Trump in the coming days. He says his officials have constructive conversations with American officials.

Trudeau says he will tell Trump that the two countries are linked so as to harm both if the supply chains are cut. The Prime Minister has declared that Canada ships gloves and test kits to the United States and notes that the materials from the N95 masks come from Canada.

Canadian nurses also cross the Windsor Bridge to work daily in the Detroit medical system.

Manufacturing giant 3M says discontinuing N95 masks for healthcare workers in Canada and Latin America, where 3M is a key supplier of respirators, has important humanitarian implications.


SOFIA, Bulgaria – The majority of Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria have been asked to stay away from religious services during the upcoming Easter holidays.

The country of the 7 million inhabitants of the Balkans has extended the national state of emergency by one month until May 13 to contain the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. It has already closed schools, restaurants, parks and sports facilities and banned long distance travel and vacations.

But the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has resisted calls to close places of worship, making it the only denomination in the country to do so. Health officials have expressed concern that many worshipers may skip quarantine and attend religious services.

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov says this is a problem for the church and that the government will not intervene.

Bulgaria has confirmed 17 deaths from the coronavirus and the total number of confirmed cases has increased to 503.


ATHENS, Greece – Greece has recorded nine new deaths from the coronavirus, increasing the total number of deaths 68.

Authorities said 49 men have died and the average age of the dead is 74. The total number of confirmed cases increased from 60 to 1,673. Officials said 92 people are in intensive care units and 10 are discharged from intensive care in good health.

Authorities have announced that the foreclosure measures have been extended until April 27. They also reprimanded the “enlarged” number of those who ventured on the highways outside Athens despite the unstable weather.


LONDON – Union says five London bus workers have died after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Three were drivers and two controllers.

Peter Kavanagh is the regional secretary of the Unite union and called the deaths a terrible tragedy. London subways and buses have continued to offer reduced service since the UK was blocked in order to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

Bus traffic has dropped by more than 75%, but fatally injured drivers may have been infected before the lockout.

Kavanagh says the union is working with public transit operator Transport for London to ensure the safety of bus drivers. The new measures include the thorough cleaning of buses, the installation of sealed screens around the driver and the prevention of passengers from sitting near the driver.

The union called on the government to ensure that transportation workers receive protective equipment.


MADRID – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has declared that his nation ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic “is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Sánchez said that if the current slowdown in the epidemic continues, Spain is on track to reduce its cases of COVID-19. Current figures show that Spain has 124,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 11,000 deaths.

Sánchez gave a televised address to the nation on Saturday and said that Spain was on the verge of reducing the spread of the virus. He implored citizens to “make more sacrifices” during the crisis.

Sánchez used the address to announce that the government plans to extend the foreclosure for three weeks until April 26.

Strict restrictions that keep people at home, except to buy food and medicine, as well as non-essential businesses, have helped Spain reduce its contagion rate which was over 20% last week to 6% Saturday.

Sánchez warned that when the restrictions are relaxed, they will be phased out. He says it is not clear when all normal activities will resume.


NAIROBI, Kenya – The government of Kenya has ordered that the quarantine period be extended by two weeks in facilities where some people have held “party celebrations” and may have spread the new coronavirus.

Officials on Saturday reported a high number of quarantine cases and accused some of not taking social distancing seriously.

But some Kenyans have complained to local media about quarantine conditions which include shared bathrooms and poor hygiene. Kenya has 126 confirmed cases of coronavirus.


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