The last Jedi has a line that makes John Boyega want to vomit


John Boyega is not a fan of a particular line of Finnish dialogue in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Boyega has been pretty active on social media in the past few weeks, answering questions from Star Wars endearing fans and trolls. The young actor was quite open about his feelings on the sequel trilogy, noting earlier this week that he had found elements of The rise of Skywalker to be disappointing, noting that he and the rest of the cast have all moved on.

While John Boyega found certain elements in The rise of Skywalker to be disappointing, he’s more than proud of the work he and the rest of the cast have done in three films. That being said, Boyega has been quite critical of Rian Johnson The Last Jedi since its theatrical release in late 2017. A Star Wars A fan recently contacted the Finnish actor to ask him for the reference to “chrome dome” to Captain Phasma in the film. The fan wanted to know if Boyega had released the line. Boyega responded by saying “no”, then placed a lot of barfing emojis next to his answer.

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It seems that the line “chrome dome” The Last Jedi is not exactly John Boyega’s favorite. Although this line did not really appear in the arguments about the film, pretty much everything else in the film was chosen by Star Wars Fans. Rian Johnson is still being screened on social media, more than two years after the film was released in theaters, for the decisions he made in the second installment of the trilogy.

John Boyega criticized The Last Jedi, particularly before The rise of Skywalker Release. The actor felt that things had started rather well with 2015 the force awakens. ” The Last Jedi if i’m honest i would say it seemed a little bit uncertain, “said boyega. “I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of choice on this and it’s something I talked to Mark about. [Hamill] a lot, and we’ve had conversations about it. And it was difficult for all of us because we were separated. “Mark Hamill also expressed criticism on social media, but regretted doing so afterwards.

The Last Jedi is the black sheep in the following trilogy. However, this does not mean that there is no Star Wars fans who love it. There is a large group of fans who appreciate what Rian Johnson was trying to accomplish by trying something new. He took all the expectations that fans could have and cut them out, presenting something unique and, no doubt, refreshing in the Star Wars franchise. Maybe over time the film will be viewed in a different light. For the moment, John Boyega is really not satisfied with the chrome dome line of the film. You can verify John Boyega’s Twitter answer to the line below.

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