The last gameplay clips from The Last of Us 2 leak online after delay


The Last of Us 2 Ps4 PlayStation 4 1

A handful of new The Last of Us: Part II gameplay clips were leaked online following yesterday’s exclusive PlayStation 4 delay. Videos – uploaded by a leaker with the name, uh, COVID-19 – reveal ” old test pictures ”, probably taken from the version shown for the press at the end of last year. There are a few spoilers below, so be careful.

This first video is particularly interesting, because it shows the protagonist Ellie playing the guitar. Fascinatingly, it seems like you can use the shoulder buttons to switch between different keys and the touchpad to scratch – an ingenious use of DualShock 4’s unique technology.

The other clip shows the heroine on her horse with Dina in the snow. There seems to be audio issues with this one, so this is proof of incomplete code. We are sure that all bugs will be cleaned up on launch day, which is currently unknown.

What do you think of this new sequence The Last of Us: Part II? Did that make it more difficult to wait for the rest? Play some power chords in the comments section below.


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