“The last dance”: episodes 1 and 2


If we could conjure up a metaphorical water cooler right now – a place where we meet (observing social distancing of course), grouse and gossip – the word Jordan be on most of our lips? Is there a comparison to be made with a Monday morning a long time ago, more precisely February 10, 1964? It was then that the national conversation focused on Paul, John, George and Ringo, guests from the day before. The Ed Sullivan Show, this program being our national cultural exchange center at the time of these three channels.

We’ll know more when we get the notes for the first two episodes on Sunday evening The last dance, ESPN-Netflix documentary Michael Jordan who will answer the question: with the vast majority of us in our quarantine, the already well told tale of an athlete who has not played since 2003 will serve as a group conversation? In addition, The last dance do you have the goods to transport us for an additional eight hours over the next four Sundays?

My response to the last request: a definitive perhaps.

Last Dance4


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