The jet-setters of London flew to France by private plane. The police then expelled them


The London jet setters who challenged the blockages of Covid-19 to take a private plane last Saturday in the French Riviera were ordered to return home by French police.

The plane carrying seven men, in their forties and fifties, and three women, who were in their mid-twenties, ignored the order not to land at Marseille airport, according to a police official, who cannot be identified in accordance with official policy. He said that the trip was organized by a Croatian national on board.

Three helicopters rented to transport the group from the airport to a rented villa in Cannes have also been sent by the authorities, said the border police chief in Marseille. Nine of the 10 passengers were forced to return to London without disembarking. The other person hired a private plane at the French airport to transport it to Berlin.

“The passengers were quite clear about their intentions for a holiday in Cannes,” said the police official.

International travel must be made for a legitimate reason such as repatriation or for medical personnel called for help, which was not the case, the police official said by phone. BFM TV reported the news earlier.

The incident comes after skiers from London and other European capitals to mountain resorts such as Les Contamines in France and Ischgl in Austria turned out to be so-called super-diffusers of the coronavirus when they returned at their home.

The group might have thought it had a better chance of falling through the cracks by landing in Marseille instead of Nice, which is closer to Cannes, said the police chief.

“They may have thought they could be fined, but they could get there,” he said. “But things didn’t happen like that. “

The helicopter pilots were fined, but the foreign passengers fled without penalty because they did not technically enter French territory. The three Frenchmen on board would have been authorized to stay in the country but have chosen to return.

Any attempt to travel by plane would have caught the attention of the authorities at a time when air transport has left the skies over Europe almost empty. Air traffic from the UK has decreased by almost 90% from the previous year, according to the National Air Traffic Service.

Elsewhere in France

According to France Bleu, Doctor Thierry Godeau declared on the radio that two sick Parisians who moved into their holiday homes on the Ile de Ré off the French Atlantic coast just before the national foreclosure occupied all the capacity of the local intensive care unit. nearby La Rochelle Hospital has 22 intensive care beds, six more than usual, but is “saturated” and can no longer accommodate Covid-19 patients.

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