The Good Morning Britain segment in chaos as a guest shows up at the end of the interview


Good Morning Britain’s interview with the Red Dwarf cast did not go as planned on Thursday morning, causing chaos.

With the coronavirus restrictions and blocking measures in place, guests appear on the show via video link instead of being in the studio – to respect social distancing.

Four actors from the popular science fiction sitcom were scheduled to appear on ITV to speak to host Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard.

But as the presenters connected to their video links, it quickly became apparent that someone was missing.

Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn all appeared on the show to discuss the upcoming special stage in an effort to cheer up people in the middle of the lockdown.

Red Dwarf’s Good Morning Britain interview did not go as planned because Danny John-Jules was late

Susanna and Ben were then forced to admit that Cat actor Danny John-Jules was currently on a no-show, and they were trying to reach him.

Craig and his buddies then started to make hilarious excuses for his absence, before pretending he was always late, so they weren’t expecting anything else.

The interview continued without Danny, the three cast members revealing everything about their new adventure.

Susanna Reid of GMB interviewed the cast of Red Dwarf

As the interview neared its end, Danny finally appeared on the screen and was greeted by his casting comrades.

Susanna was trying to end the interview, Ben hilariously pointing out that they were greeting him and saying goodbye at the same time.

Susanna said, “Late to the party, but very welcome. “

Danny appeared late in the interview, leaving Ben and Susanna in hysteria

Ben hilariously asked him, “How big is your house if it took you the entire interview to get from your room to your office?” “

He then added, “We are happy that you have finally joined us, just so we can thank you very much for joining us, it is a pleasure to see you all. “

Danny confessed that he had trouble connecting to the video call, which was the reason for his delay.

Susanna and Ben from GMB had trouble controlling the interview

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The chat quickly became chaotic as the men all started chatting with each other while they were still on the air, watched by Susanna and Ben.

The two hosts started laughing as they tried to end the interview and move on to the next segment, when Danny had just joined.

In the end, they succeeded, while fans went on Twitter to share their fun on the stages.

Good Morning Britain is aired weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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