The future Hollywood feared is happening now


Although Universal delayed Vin Diesel’s “Fast 9” for almost a full year from May 2020 to April 2021, other studios were more cautious about changing their schedules. Warner Bros. has yet to announce a new release date for Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet”, currently stationed on July 17, and although the studio has removed “Wonder Woman 1984” from its June 5 spot, this sequel to super hero is yet to come out in August. The two films are said to be in the billions of dollars, but it hardly seems realistic if people remain discouraged from coming together in droves, particularly in hard-hit markets like China.

Yet many in Hollywood are taking a wait-and-see approach to the pandemic. Disney postponed early summer movies like Marvel’s entry “Black Widow” and Pixar title “Soul”, but the studio’s live shooting of “Mulan”, already out of its spring location , is currently scheduled for release on July 24. Is it because the film is aimed at a young audience, the demographic group that has so far proven to be the most resistant to coronavirus? Or will Disney need each part of its empire to show confidence in order to bring people back to its theme parks and cruise ships by the end of the summer?

Some studios have turned to digital beginnings or moved smaller, already released films to streaming services. Paramount sold its upcoming comedy Kumail Nanjiani-Issa Rae, “The Lovebirds,” to Netflix, while Universal has released the expensive animated film “Trolls: World Tour” on demand for $ 19.99. The studio boasted that “Trolls” had set an unprecedented digital record, but refused to release figures, leaving unclear the profitability of a digital-only outing for a big budget tentacle.

And while families will pay less for a “Trolls” rental than on multiple movie tickets, the price still compares unfavorably to a monthly Netflix subscription ($ 8.99 to $ 15.99). The streaming monster is well suited to overcome the pandemic, and its summer slate is unaffected. Audience allegiance to Netflix and other new streaming services will likely grow even more entrenched as cinemas are closed.


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