The first GM candidates, Adrian Griffin to replace Jim Boylen? Forman’s Future, more


Arturas Karnisovas has not even been officially announced as the next executive vice president of basketball operations, but he has already taken significant steps to make things happen.

Earlier today, for example, we learned of the team’s intention to hire JJ Polk away from the New Orleans Pelicans as an assistant general manager. Polk, known as a cap specialist, has been with the Pelicans organization for almost a decade and is currently the director of basketball administration. Later, for another, we learned that Karnisovas had also planned to hire Pat Connelly, the director of pro personnel for the Nuggets. His position appears to be open to debate at the moment, but he was previously the Suns ‘deputy general manager and the Wizards’ personnel director.

A cap enthusiast and an extremely experienced scout? Where am I!? What organization is this !?

The best news is that Karnisovas hasn’t finished yet, and news of the front office redesign keeps coming (I’m writing this … it’s real … it’s happening … * only one tear runs down the keyboard *).

  • The Bulls have a new # 1, so now it’s time to find a # 2! Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that GM research on Karnisovas will soon begin, and he even shared a few names that should be on the list:
  • The Bulls could find themselves in a bidding war for Calvin Booth. As deputy general manager of the Denver Nuggets, Booth would not be a surprising candidate for the promotion. The other names on the list are also all deputy directors general with their respective organizations. And interestingly enough, everyone seems to have extensive experience / focus in Scouting, in particular. Booth, Marc Eversley and Mark Hughes have each been in charge of player staff for one team at one time or another. Although, I think it’s worth noting that on the (national) Woj list, only Booth and Matt Lloyd are the names that have been flagged as possibilities by (local) K.C. Johnson.
  • Shortly after Woj’s report, the Sun-Times Joe Cowley added a few names to him in the mix:
  • As NBC Sports Chicago reported, the Bulls have already spoken to former Bull Bull Nazr Mohammed (who now works at the OKC front office) about an undisclosed job offer, so we at least know that these wheels are already moving. Hey, whoever pushes LeBron James is good to me. In addition, according to Cowley, he really wants the concert.
  • The only unexpected name to see on this list is Troy Weaver. Although I would like him to be a candidate, Yahoo Sports reported that Oklahoma City did not allow the Bulls to interview him for what was (presumably) the position of vice president of basketball operations. If so, why would that change for opening # 2? Unless this report is false?
  • Anyway, Michael Finley (originally from Illinois, woot woot) is a highly respected name in NBA circles, and according to Sports Illustrated, he has practically been approved by his boss for the open role. As the current vice president of basketball operations for the Mavericks, it would be interesting to see if he would take that place under Karnisovas. But if so, I would welcome her with open arms. Oh, and finally, we have our old friend Matt Lloyd, the current deputy director of Orlando Magic, who has many connections to the Bulls organization.
  • I’m sure there will be many names in our news feed over the next few days, so if you take anything away from it, it should be that the Bulls are targeting established executives. Cowley tweeted that Michael Reinsdorf is ready to spend the money, which certainly gives the impression that the tide is turning in Chicago. Attention NBA… the Bulls are coming!
  • Ready to salivate? And There you go:
  • AAAHHHHOOOGGAAAA. ME LIKEY. I think it is important that we remember that there has been no real status update on Jim Boylen so far. Even if it looks like he’s a dead man walking, you know what they say when you guess. Toronto Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin has been a fan favorite for the “new coaches” conversation, and I guess there is smoke in the organization now. Griffin not only played for Chicago and was assistant coach of the Bulls from 2010 to 2015, but he also played college ball with Karnisovas at Seton Hall. Talk about intrigue.
  • No update on Gar Forman status yet. However, I can’t say it looks good.


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