The faithful collaborator of Prince Andrew resigns from his flagship project while the Duke also steps back


The former private secretary to the Duke of York finally fell on his sword, moving away from the flagship business project when it appeared that the Duke himself had also broken contact with the initiative.

Amanda Thirsk announced Monday that she has resigned as CEO of Pitch @ Palace, five months after being taken aback by Prince Andrew Newsnight’s disastrous interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The interview, which led to the effective dismissal of the Duke from public office, was thought to have been the idea of ​​Ms. Thirsk.

As a result, the directors of Pitch @ Palace insisted that the Duke sever his ties to the Dragons Den style project or do so, an ultimatum which ultimately led both of them to reluctantly walk away.

The charity arm of the project was disbanded and what remained of the besieged brand was evicted from its base at Buckingham Palace and now operates from an office near Victoria.

Although she lost her job as a longtime private secretary, Ms. Thirsk remained at the helm to save what was left of her global arm, alongside Johan Eliasch, a Swedish sports magnate and close friend of the Duke.

She emailed supporters on Monday to confirm that she had resigned.

“I wanted to let you know that I resigned from my position as CEO because I accepted a new role to move forward with the next stage of my career,” she said.

“The board is actively recruiting a new CEO who should be in place very soon.”

Thirsk said the project, founded by the Duke in 2014, will be renamed Pitch Connect and will continue to help entrepreneurs build business relationships.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the work the Pitch @ Palace team has done over the past six years to build and develop the Pitch @ Palace program,” she added. “Each leg of the trip was an inspiration to me. “

Mr. Eliasch, who is now the sole director, is based in Monaco.

Sources have suggested that the Duke has had little to do with the initiative in recent months, with possible future involvement uncertain.

The Telegraph revealed last month that its name had been removed from its home page while a reference to it had also been removed from a page explaining the history of the regime, which no longer identifies it as the founder.

A source told the Telegraph: “Amanda was just going to manage the brand change.

“I think there was a feeling that she was considering a much more important role than just directing Pitch. You must remember that she had run the Duke’s life for years. “

Mrs. Thirsk was spotted having lunch with the Duchess of York and Princess Eugenie near Victoria shortly before the lock-up.


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