The enormous obstacles encountered by Manchester United in its pursuit of Tottenham forward Harry Kane


Tottenham has a huge battle to keep the talisman Harry Kane at the club in the summer after leaving the door open to walk away.

Kane has been at Tottenham since joining the academy in 2004 and has had a successful career in front of the club’s goal, but his personal efforts have failed to reap the rewards he desperately sought.

At just 26, Kane has already climbed to 13th in the Premier League top scorer ranking with 136 goals for Tottenham, while becoming captain of the England National Team.

What is most likely to define his career, however, is his trophy. But since joining Tottenham’s first team in the 2014-15 season, Kane has failed to win a single piece of silverware.

Time is running out for Tottenham and he is fully aware of this – hinting recently that he could leave North London in his quest to win the greatest football trophies. Now Manchester United is on alert for his signing, but would have to pay £ 200 million to get his man.

Here, Sportsmail takes a look at the obstacles that United faces in its hunt for Kane, including Daniel Levy’s negotiating skills, high price and the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic …

The future of Harry Kane in Tottenham is in the air after having expressed his ambitions to earn silverware

The future of Harry Kane in Tottenham is in the air after having expressed his ambitions to earn money

£ 200m could scare the U.S.

Tottenham President Daniel Levy has made it clear that the club will agree to let Kane leave this summer, but it will come at a price.

The Spurs estimate their main man – who has been injured since January with a hamstring problem – at £ 200 million, which may be too difficult for United to understand.

Levy is ready to sanction a decision due to financial concerns and exasperation with the captain of England for having mistaken message during the coronavirus crisis.

Tottenham, who have been forced to turn around with government money to lay off non-playing staff, fear more than any other club the financial repercussions of the current foreclosure because they are still paying for their new stadium a billion pounds sterling.

And that should make United’s quest to sign the Englishman extremely difficult. The Red Devils are expected to shell out record transfer fees to acquire Kane’s services – exceeding the £ 198m paid by Paris Saint-Germain in Barcelona for Neymar.

As United searches for a talisman at the top to lead them to their former glory days, would the Glazer family be so desperate to pay £ 200 million? It’s a big risk, given the current football crisis…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sues Kane, but £ 200m price could prove a stumbling block

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sues Kane, but £ 200m price could prove a stumbling block


The president of Tottenham has become synonymous with running a tight ship in North London over the years – many clubs have difficulty negotiating with Levy when seeking to sign one of his players.

Reflecting on United’s long but successful pursuit of Tottenham’s Dimitar Berbatov in 2008, Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that he found negotiations with Levy extremely frustrating.

“This whole experience was more painful than my hip replacement,” Ferguson wrote in his “Leading” book, after United finally sealed a £ 30 million transfer.

And if United thinks that Levy will act differently this time, then they will be shocked.

Levy will certainly not stand up to pressure from United as he seeks to make as much money as possible from the Red Devils for Tottenham and England’s best striker.

The 26-year-old’s departure would massively hamper the Spurs and their ambitions to remain among the English elite.

Levy is more aware than anyone that the sale of Kane would leave Tottenham in an extremely precarious position, while massively strengthening that of a rival.

Daniel Levy certainly won't make it easier for United to sign with the English captain this summer

Daniel Levy certainly won’t make it easier for United to sign with the English captain this summer


It’s all well and good to talk about the Tottenham price and whether United would be willing to do it, but the coronavirus pandemic could put an end to all the talk.

Football – not just the Premier League – is facing an extremely uncertain period right now and the sports landscape could change forever due to the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Some Premier League clubs have already put non-player staff on leave, while other clubs have seen their players cut their wages in response to the financial impact.

Something should therefore be done so that clubs can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on signatures in the midst of the financial disaster they face.

And on Monday, Gary Neville said that all Premier League clubs that have put their staff on leave or cut players’ wages should be subject to a transfer ban this summer.

Neville said on Sky Sports: “What I would say overall, these transfer talks, [Harry] Kane for £ 200 million, [Jadon] Sancho for £ 100m, the big priced signatures completely undermine the discussions they have with players.

“If you see a 30% drop in salary and talk about spending a billion on players, you may need to put in place a transfer embargo. It is very difficult for players to see a transfer of £ 200 million a few weeks later.

“It doesn’t seem fair to me. There is no smoke without a fire, I suggest to the Premier League to stop this and put in place a transfer embargo for all clubs trying to cut their salaries. The players get their wool pulled by the clubs. “

It remains to be seen what step United will take next in pursuit of Kane, but £ 200m seems very unrealistic in the current climate, especially if they are considering a £ 100m move for fellow Englishman Sancho du Borussia Dortmund.

Financial problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic could prevent Kane's move to the United States

Financial problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic could prevent Kane’s move to the United States


Kane signed a lucrative six-year contract with Tottenham in the summer of 2018 to open a brave new dawn at the club with their brilliant new 62,000-seat stadium nearing completion.

The striker put the pen on paper for a six-year contract worth up to £ 90 million as the Spurs managed to keep their star man to make a declaration of intent to their English rivals.

Kane’s base salary had almost doubled from his previous contract to reach 200,000 euros per week, with bonuses reaching almost £ 300,000, if he could score targets that are starting to provide Spurs with silverware.

United should therefore at least match Tottenham’s salary and probably much more if it wants to keep Kane away from the capital.

But with all of the above – especially with regard to the fallout from the coronavirus crisis – could United justify paying him over £ 300,000 a week, with the majority of clubs in financial straits precarious?

United to pay hefty salary to keep Kane away from north London

United to pay hefty salary to keep Kane away from north London


Before the suspension of football, United had an 11-game unbeaten streak and it was without Marcus Rashford – sidelined by a back injury – leading the line.

So when football finally resumes, every time it happens, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will likely have his main man to get right back into the game.

But if Kane moved to Manchester, Solskjaer would face a huge, but very welcome, selection headache with a wide range of talent at his disposal.

Kane would enter the starting lineup directly in position No. 9, while his fellow Englishman Rashford would most likely be played on the right wing with Anthony Martial on the other.

Meanwhile, the exciting young Mason Greenwood would still act as an assistant in advance.

With likes of Bruno Fernandes, and maybe even Paul Pogba if he can’t get away from Old Trafford, feeding midfielder balls, United fans would be delighted.

Kane would add a whole new unforgiving dimension to the United attack: he is a true unparalleled goalscorer and would absolutely thrive with speed merchants Rashford and Martial with the creativity of Fernandes and Co behind.

Premier League defenses would be in a nightmare when they faced United and a top trio of this caliber could really take them to the next level in their quest for glory.

Solskjaer would have a huge selection headache if Kane moved to Old Trafford

Solskjaer would have a huge selection headache if Kane moved to Old Trafford


The main reason Kane flirts with a move elsewhere, away from his beloved Tottenham, is his ambition to win all the biggest trophies before the opportunity escapes him.

That means moving to one of the English elites or to a European giant who would help him realize his dreams right away, a club a little higher than Tottenham on the football ladder today.

Would that deter Kane from joining United? Tottenham is in a very dangerous position to miss football in the Champions League, but the Red Devils are not themselves in an extremely better situation.

While United were on the right track before the suspension was put in place, their place in next season’s elite European competition is not guaranteed – the club being fifth in the Premier League, three points behind Chelsea .

When football resumes, they will be desperate to propel Chelsea to fourth place when they already have a foot in the knockout stages of the Europa League.

However, if their plans don’t come to fruition and another Europa League year awaits, will Kane really want to do what many people would consider a sideways move?

United would be considered a side step for Kane if they did not advance to the Champions League

United would be considered a side step for Kane if they did not advance to the Champions League


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