The documentary “Behind the Dream” provides an unprecedented glimpse into the creation of Trent Alexander-Arnold


Trent Alexander-Arnold gave a fascinating glimpse into his youthful life and became a household name with Liverpool in a behind-the-scenes documentary.

From the parks where he played when he was a child, when he started out in Academy life, this video documentary offers a magnificent look at one of the modern heroes of Liverpool Football Club.

Alexander-Arnold is not only a key player for the Reds; for many, he embodies the region, a Scouser representing his club with distinction, succeeding and showing the world what he is capable of.

It makes this look at his life, growing and learning his craft, all the more interesting – with many hilarious anecdotes along the way.

Interviewed by Rubi Deschamps for “Behind the Dream”, Trent gives fans a rare glimpse of what’s going on in a career at the highest level.

A particularly brilliant story sees Trent recount a moment when a rival fan base tossed him the ball as he prepared to corner – then he called for a assist.

Elsewhere, he discusses Jurgen Klopp’s management approach, his family’s influence on him, key figures and his relationships with other team members.

Academy officials have spoken of Trent’s continued competitiveness and ability to do good schoolwork – which Trent himself fully attributes to his mother’s disciplined approach to keeping him focused.

There is also an incredible revelation from our number 66, with former Academy defender Conor Masterson, who take their GCSE final school year exams at a hotel in Bulgaria – because they were on international duty at time.

Beyond the club, there is a look at Trent’s friends and family, his home and his region – everything from his personal chef and diet, to his medal collection and his goals for the to come up.

It’s a totally brilliant look on another side of Trent, another side of all player who is not normally seen in fact, and a superbly produced video in the market. A must for all reds!


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