The deconfinement card by region in France is a fake


A map is being disseminated on social networks showing France divided into three zones with the dates by which each zone will end isolation.

It claims to be government issued and shows the logos of the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the Ministry of Defense, but it is false.

The office of the French Prime Minister and the directorate-general for health both declared that the card was false.

Aside from the fact that no official statement has been made on such an end to imprisonment, two clues on the card show that to be false.

First of all, it is assigned to the Drac (Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs) of Hauts-de-France but this type of service has nothing to do with this type of health decision.

Second, one of the three official logos represents the Ministry of Defense when this service was renamed the Ministry of the Armed Forces several years ago.

The card was probably refuted by statements by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe last week before the National Assembly’s fact-finding inquiry into the Covid-19 epidemic in which he said it was “likely” that deconfinement in France would not be done “at the same time and for everyone” but probably by region, age group or test.

He said the government was exploring several scenarios

No decision has yet been announced despite what this fake card claims.


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