The death toll in the Italian province could be twice as high as the official number: researchers


The death toll from coronavirus in an Italian province could be twice as high as the official number, according to a study published Thursday.

In the study by L’Eco di Bergamo and InTwig, reported for the first time by the Associated Press, researchers said the official number of deaths in Bergamo is likely low, as authorities did not count those who were found dead in nursing homes and other residences after a fall. sick and dying without having been tested for the disease.

The gloomy suggestion indicates the potential death toll for the province of 1.1 million people seated at 4,500, according to the researchers, compared to the official number of Bergamo in 2060.

Bergamo is one of the hardest hit regions in Italy, which has itself recorded the most confirmed cases of coronavirus in Europe. The total number of cases in the country stood at 110,574 on Thursday, behind only the United States. Italy has officially registered 13,000 deaths from the disease.

Questions about the official number of deaths in Italy occur the same day that the World Health Organization (WHO) officially questioned the figures presented by the Chinese health authorities, claiming that the most recent figures from China are not credible, according to the AP.

The WHO statement comes as US officials confidentially assessed that the Chinese authorities had deliberately underestimated the total number of cases and deaths within Chinese borders. The official count in China is around 80,000 cases of illness and 3,300 deaths.

The coronavirus epidemic is believed to have started in China’s Hubei Province, around the city of Wuhan. Since then, almost a million cases have been confirmed worldwide.


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