The daily report of the virus of France decreases, the sun triggers a reminder to respect the lock


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                Dimanche, la France a signalé 357 décès à l'hôpital dus au coronavirus, la plus faible augmentation quotidienne en une semaine, portant le bilan du pays à 8 078. Mais les autorités et les médecins ont averti les gens de ne pas être tentés par le temps ensoleillé du printemps et de continuer à respecter les mesures de verrouillage.

Les données du ministère de la Santé ont montré que 357 personnes sont décédées de Covid-19 dans les hôpitaux, contre 441 au cours des dernières 24 heures, portant le nombre total de décès dans les hôpitaux à 5 889.

It indicates that 2,189 people have died in retirement homes since March 1, bringing the total number of deaths to 8,078 in France.

“These data confirm that the epidemic is continuing in the country and continues to hit hard,” the ministry said.

The Department of Health added that admissions to intensive care units have also slowed in the past 24 hours with 390 people requiring intensive care compared to 502 the day before.

France has been blocked since March 17 in order to slow the spread of the epidemic, only essential travel being authorized and having to be justified by a signed sheet of paper.

There have been 70,478 confirmed cases of coronavirus in France, but this is not the total because screening for the virus is not universal.

He added that about 22,361 confirmed or possible cases have been registered in nursing homes, bringing the total of confirmed or possible cases of coronavirus in France to 92,839.

20th day of detention

“French men and women who are in their twentieth day of detention must be thanked,” said the Ministry of Health in the press release.

He urged citizens to continue to observe strict containment measures and to keep their distance.

As the country warmed in warm sunshine on Sunday and the Easter holidays began, authorities and doctors urged people to continue to follow the lock rules.

Sunny spring weather

“It’s vacation time, the weather is good, don’t give in to temptation,” urged Valérie Pécresse, president of the Paris region of Ile-de-France, the most affected by the pandemic.

Police checks continued as people across the country were seen to be breaking restrictions on group jogging, gathering in green spaces, and allowing children to play together as rural areas have received vacationers contrary to government containment orders.

“The end of imprisonment is not yet on the agenda, no deadline has been set,” said Laurent Nunez, number two of the Interior Ministry.

“I remind you of the rule … you only go out when it is strictly necessary. “

The foreclosure in France could continue beyond mid-April.

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