The Colts “felt like it was the right person”


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Colts didn’t make a choice in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft on Thursday, but it didn’t take long to get into Round 2 on Friday night.

With second pick in the round – # 34 overall in the repechage – the Colts chose wide receiver for USC Michael Pittman Jr.

The 6’4 “223 pound enlarger is perfect for the Colts and what they like to do on offense, and Indian media got a chance to speak to the new Colts playmaker shortly after his selection.

You can listen to this whole conversation above, but here are a few things to remember:

Pittman Jr. started the day with the Colts in mind: “I was pretty sure I was going to be a Colt today,” said Pittman Jr. when asked if he had any idea of ​​the Colts’ interest in him. “I know you see the blue shirt,” he pointed out with a smile.

The Colts were in touch with Pittman Jr. throughout the draft process, and he was able to get a good start while he was at the Senior Bowl. Going to Mobile, Alberta in January is an important factor in many of Colts’ choices, and it seems to be the case here with Pittman Jr.

The adjustment is there: “Just based on the conversations we had. I felt like we had a good connection, “said Pittman Jr.” I just felt like it was the right person. “

He is tall, fast, has great hands, performs good roads and can win the jump ball. He’s the type of player the Colts have been trying to add to the receiver for a few years now, and it’s the most they’ve invested in this kind of player so far. Respect is mutual on both sides, and Pittman Jr. is particularly excited that he can play for a head coach who himself played in the NFL.

“You are coached by a guy who has actually played and knows how to play the game, which doesn’t happen very often,” said Pittman Jr. to head coach Frank Reich. “So I now have a coach who understands what it means to be a player and a coach. “

The recruit is ready to make an instant impact, wherever you come from: “I think that’s why it’s a great choice because I think they made me make an impact right now,” said Pittman Jr. about his form with the Colts. “Plus, they have Philip Rivers, who I think is a Hall of Fame member, and I just couldn’t be happier to be able to start (my career) with a Hall of Fame quarterback. So it’s great. “

Yes, Pittman Jr.’s talent means he may be able to contribute immediately to the catcher’s attack, but he is also a very keen player on special teams after blocking two puns in college. For a new recruit, he just wants to get out there and make an impact as best he can.

“I think it can be attributed to my tenacity and my desire, because special teams are also football,” he said of the special teams. “Whenever I can hit the field, I’m going to go out and try to put someone on my highlight reel. “

He is tall, fast and strong, but Pittman Jr. is above all a hard worker: “I feel like I’m trying to be diverse in what I can do. I feel like I’m using my hands well, “Pittman Jr. started describing his game.” Being a taller guy, people expect me to be strong and physical, so I got him . But I can also do whatever the little guys can do, like the quick feet and the running course. “

The first thing that jumps out at Pittman Jr. is his mix of size and athleticism, but that doesn’t mean anything without a work ethic, in which the former team captain has a lot.

“I show up every day,” he said of how he became so consistent and productive after competing for the Fred Biletnikoff Prize in 2019, which honors the top receiver of college football. “When I say introduce myself, I mean introduce yourself, work hard, be there early, study plays. It just leads to more opportunities, and when they happen, you’ve prepared yourself for them. “

Senior helped pave the way: Many now know that Pittman Jr. is the son of former Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, midfielder Michael Pittman, who played 11 years in the NFL and collected more than 9,000 yards.

“It is basically like my crystal ball. He predicted the future at every step, “said Junior. “It’s just great to have him because he has practically trained my whole life like the NFL and the coaches, life in the locker room and basically taught me how to be a footballer my whole life. “

“When I was young, I always thought I was going to be an NFL player because that’s what my father did,” continued Pittman Jr. “So my father was drafted the year of my birth, so that’s all I knew was NFL football. So I said to myself: “My father does it, I can do it too. At the time, I didn’t know how difficult it was and how difficult it was. Looking back, I am exactly where I thought I was. “

Well, like father like son, he appears.


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