The 20 Weirdest Lines in Anderson Cooper’s Absolutely Wild Interview with Las Vegas Mayor


Except well, no. In fact, just the opposite of normal – as Goodman said, well, stuff. Much of which is a) wrong or b) deeply irresponsible. I went through the transcript and drew the lines that you should see. (And you can watch the full interview here.)

1. “Well, no, they will come because they like, we have major league sports here. “

Anderson asked if people would return to Vegas if the casinos were closed. “Love” is apparently a stronger draw than casinos, according to Goodman. Here we go!

2. “I would love to have everything open because I think we have had viruses for years that have been there. “

Say it with me: coronavirus is not like other viruses. This is completely new to humans, which means that we have a) no collective immunity b) no effective treatment (yet) and c) no vaccine.

3. “We have never closed the United States. We have never closed Nevada. We never closed Las Vegas because it’s our job. “

[clears throat] We have never had a virus like this. Or at least: we haven’t had a virus like this in over 100 years.

4. “World entertainment capital where everything is clean. “

Wait. Are we still talking about Las Vegas?

5. “I lived a long life. I grew up in the heart of Manhattan. I knew what it was like to be in the subways and crowded in the elevators. “

This argument, which Goodman is not alone in making, literally makes no sense. The idea that because we’ve all lived in overcrowded areas so we don’t have to worry about the coronavirus is missing, uh, a few key points. And yes, I will repeat them. We have no collective immunity from Covid-19. We have no effective treatment. We don’t have a vaccine. And let me add to that: the coronavirus has already killed more than 46,000 Americans. In short: circumstances have changed, mayor, since you were crammed into an elevator at some point in your life.

6. “It’s up to them to understand. I don’t run a casino. “

When asked how she would maintain social distance if the casinos were open, that was Goodman’s response. A kind of practical approach!

7. “I am not a private owner of a hotel. I would love to be. And I would have the cleanest hotel at six feet for every human being that walks in. “

Honestly, even.

8. “You’re very good, Anderson. I’ve been watching you for years. “

It is! Great interviewer! And make the guys with glasses cool again!

9. “We never hurt people at all. “

I feel like it’s a feeling that we can all endorse.

10. “Maybe it’s breathing. I am sorry. Be silly here. “

Goodman thought that Anderson was interrupting him. (It wasn’t.) It was the old “breathable” thing. Gets you each time on TV. That’s why I hold my breath when I’m walking.

11. “Well, first of all, as someone who is pretty sure she may have had it in January, I have already been to the hospital to say that they are taking my plasma . “

NEWS: The mayor of Las Vegas was the first person in America to have a coronavirus! One month before the first known case! Wait, what am I saying by ear … she just says that without any evidence … oh, ok guys, take the news banner off. Sorry.

12. “I don’t have that. I do not have that. Well, no, it’s for our scientists. And the whole thing is a fact. “

The mayor of Las Vegas on contact tracing: “Everything is a fact. “

13. “We don’t get the truth. I know that over the years, going back to the 1950s, with the atomic bomb, don’t worry about the additional tests in Nevada. Everything will be alright. Take a shower. “

Just to be clear here: Goodman compares the advice of medical professionals on the coronavirus to false medical claims that nuclear tests were not harmful to those within reach. What’s amazing is that it’s not the craziest thing she said in the interview!

14. “No, it’s not China. It’s Las Vegas, Nevada. “

The idea that the coronavirus spreads differently in China compared to Las Vegas is, uh, both deeply mistaken and very dangerous for an official.

15. “We had Ebola. We had West Nile. We had polio. “

Was there Ebola in Las Vegas? Dude, I don’t * pay * enough attention to the news!

16. “And anyone who was or comes to the office who needs an appointment or has a problem, they are all wearing their masks or we always apply social distance and the office is absolutely virgin. “

I know what she means. But “virgin of germs” is not the preferred way of saying “clean”.

17. “You talk about illness. I’m talking about life. I’m talking about life and life. “

[checks notes] The coronavirus has killed more than 46,000 Americans – including 187 in Nevada.

18. “It is not just about putting back to work those who have lost their jobs in a city that has not been broken and has had no illness. “

So Goodman claims that nobody in Las Vegas had a coronavirus when the governor made the decision to issue a residence order? What proof does she have? Oh, none.

19. “We offered to be a controlled group. “

It seems Goodman is offering Las Vegas as a petri dish to see what happens when you open a big American city in the middle of a pandemic. I’m not sure she clarified this with the real people who live in the city, but …

20. “First of all, I don’t play. I used to play. … I do not have time. “

Yeah, that seems like a good place to end.


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