Texas Grocery Stores Announce Other Changes To Stop Spread


HOUSTON – In an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19, several stores in the Houston area are applying new restrictions.

Some stores have been criticized for allowing crowded aisles and groups of buyers, and for continuing to sell non-essential items.

Here is a breakdown of the changes.


  • Walmart now limits the number of buyers for each store. No more than 5 customers in a store per 1,000 square feet indoors. The associates will line up a queue at a single entry door (in most cases, the entrance to the grocery store) and direct the customers who get there, where they will be admitted one by one and counted.
  • One-way aisles as well as a designated entrance and exit will be implemented.

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  • Walmart is asking families to limit the number of people they bring with them to stores and all customers to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Guests will be directed to a separate exit from the entrance.
  • Walmart recently shipped infrared thermometers to all of its stores, which will soon begin taking the temperature of all employees when they report for work. Stores will only allow people with a fever of 100 or more in the back once they have had no fever for at least three days.
  • Masks and gloves will soon be available for associates who wish to wear them.


  • Target will now limit the number of people allowed in each store based on the size of the building. If needed, a team member will assist guests in a designated waiting area outside with social distance markers, while others will guide guests inside the store and get things done quickly and easily. “This is another step to encourage social distancing, in addition to signage, floor decals and audio messages already in place in our stores,” said Target.
  • There will also be no returns or exchanges in store for at least the next three weeks to reduce the number of items employees touch.
  • Target will also offer masks and gloves to all of its employees and Shipt customers. They already had plexiglass partitions at the crates.

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  • Costco is trying to reduce the number of people inside its stores, so no more than two customers per subscription will be allowed inside.
  • The Costco food court has a limited menu but there are no seats.
  • To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments. In some places, the hearing aid department, Costco Optical, the floral department and the jewelry department will be limited or non-existent. Limitations vary by location. Costco members can continue to purchase some of these items from Costco.com.

Sam’s club

  • In addition to visual markers to support the boards of 6, the Sam’s Club encourages members to limit the membership to no more than two people at a time.
  • They will start taking our associates’ temperatures when they show up for work. Anyone associated with a temperature of 100.0 degrees will be sent home, asked to see a doctor if necessary, and told not to return to work until they have no fever for at least 3 days.
  • Masks and gloves will soon be available for associates who wish to wear them.


“All HEB partners who work in our stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and transportation will be strongly encouraged to wear masks,” HEB said in a statement on Friday April 3. HEB said it would provide employees with masks and gloves to use while on the job.

This effort also applies to the central market, Joe V’s smart store and Mi Tienda.

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H-E-B has created a dedicated leader in each store, the COVID Action Manager, who is trained to ensure that sanitation and social distancing procedures are properly followed.

Other previous actions include: Plexiglass partitions at all checkpoints; entrance with counter in stores; crowd control guidelines to manage customer traffic; and floor stickers to help identify the right social distance.


  • Associates are permitted to wear their own gloves and masks while Kroger continues its efforts to find these resources.
  • We continue to improve our daily sanitation practices, including cleaning more commonly used areas such as cash registers, automatic teller machines, credit card terminals, food counters and shelves.
  • Installation of plexiglass partitions on control lanes, including pharmacy counters and Starbucks registers, to further promote physical remoteness.
  • Install educational floor decals to promote physical separation from checks and other counters.

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Whole foods

  • Whole Foods Self-Service Hot Bars, Salad Bars, Soup Bars and Pizza Temporarily Closed
  • Restaurant rooms and seated chairs will close for in-store meals and will only offer takeaways
  • Indoor and outdoor cafe seats will be temporarily unavailable
  • Self-service offerings will be closed in other departments, including antipasto and olive bars, acai machines and poke bowls


  • Provide employees with gloves and masks
  • Installation of plexiglass partitions at checkouts;
  • Implementation of social distancing measures, in particular: control of the size of crowds in stores; store signage; reminder announcements to keep 6 feet away from others; floor markers to ensure the spacing of lines that may form inside the store; help employees to remind all customers of social distance (inside and outside the store)


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