Texas bus hijacking leaves two officers injured, gunman dead


An armed man hijacked a public bus in Texas on Sunday morning, causing an hour-long police chase in several cities and a shootout that injured two police officers and killed the gunman, authorities said.

The shooter boarded a Dallas Area Rapid Transit bus around 11 a.m. with a passenger already on board in Richardson, Texas. Then the gunman opened fire, breaking several windows, and demanded that the driver continue to drive, the transport agency said in a statement.

The gunman, whose identity has not been released by the authorities, did not give a specific destination to the bus driver or provide an explanation for his actions, said agency spokesman Gordon Shattles. public transportation.

The driver immediately alerted the transit police without the gunner realizing it, said Shattles.

The bus passed through several jurisdictions and cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Richardson, Garland, Rowlett and Rockwall, on President George Bush Turnpike – about 30 miles in total, said Shattles.


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