Tesla Model 3 = 7th best-selling car in the United States and 19th best-selling vehicle



Published on April 4, 2020 |
by Zachary Shahan

April 4, 2020 by Zachary Shahan

The Tesla Model 3 didn’t make the headlines, despite the arrival of Model Y magazine Y and the coronavirus pandemic we are facing right now. Tesla climbed the top selling car ranking in the United States and placed Model 3 in 7th place *. This is an increase from the 9th in 2019 as a whole and compared to the 13th in the first quarter of 2019. However, this is the same ranking as the Model 3 obtained in the 4th quarter of 2019.

* Note: This is based on official figures from other automakers but an estimate for the Model 3. Tesla only reports global sales, without distributing them by country or region, and has also started to combine sales / deliveries 3 and Y models. That said, CleanTechnica’s estimates are based on a variety of sources and data points over the years, and our numbers have always been systematically validated by other sources, Elon Musk’s tweets. , and details in Tesla’s quarterly reports days or months later.

As usual, what’s amazing about the Model 3’s high rating is that its base price is much higher than the base MSRP of the other vehicles on this list, which are generally ~ $ 15,000 cheaper. in the low end. In addition, most Model 3 buyers add functionality or purchase longer, longer-range, and more expensive line-up versions of the Model 3.

That said, for most people very familiar with the Model 3, including owners (myself included), the Model 3 offers significant advantages in total cost of ownership calculations – including low operating costs, low maintenance costs and high resale value. In addition, the value because the money is very high. There is no car on the market with a price-performance ratio as high as I know. If the base price was lower, making the car accessible to many more people who would buy it, I think it could easily be the top-selling car in the country quarter after quarter.

The above classification only concerns cars. If you compare with all passenger vehicle models, SUVs and pickups included, Model 3 ranks 19th. I don’t personally collect all model numbers like I do with cars, but Reuters Two days ago, I published a list of the top 20 vehicles in the United States and I use these numbers – except that it did not include Model 3, probably because the reporter has just compiled official data clear and did not venture into the world of the United States Tesla delivery estimates.

As I wrote yesterday, vehicle sales in the United States are dominated by SUVs and pickup trucks. It is therefore very likely that Model Y will exceed sales of Model 3 once production capacity is sufficiently high (and the COVID-19 crisis has passed or at least has become more moderate), and the biggest question concerns the height it can go to. (Another big question is whether Tesla will start distributing model 3 and model Y deliveries. If not, it will be very difficult to estimate the numbers for both models.)

Going back to Model 3, I think a few independent rankings and conclusions help explain why Model 3 is such a bestseller that goes beyond what I can explain. Kelley Blue Book expects Model 3 to have the best resale value of any car on the market, and Capital One research indicates that resale values ​​of its first-class competitors have been high since launch model 3 on the market. Last month, iSeeCars announced that the Model 3 has significantly improved its value than any other vehicle on the market. All of this ties in well with consumer reports that owners of Tesla Model 3 are more satisfied with their vehicles than owners of any other car. To learn more about these reasons, see: “70 reasons why Tesla Model 3 is the most popular car”.

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