Tesla Cybertruck Design Changes Suggest A More Normal Pickup Look


It’s still just a concept, so expect more changes in the Tesla pickup as production approaches.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the Tesla truck, called Cybertruck, will change to take on a more traditional truck appearance. The changes will be minor, but once added, the look will be a little more traditional and less polarizing, we think.

Don’t think for a second that Tesla backs away from the polarizing and angular appearance of the Cybertruck. Instead, a few minor changes will make the truck more usable and improve its appearance in that it will look slightly more conventional. See below to see how the new Cybertruck design (top) could look and to see how the current Cybertruck looks at the moment (bottom image).

What you can’t see in the picture (above) is that the window sill will be lowered, maybe even considerably. This will greatly improve the outside vision and make the cabin more ventilated. Some other notable changes in the rendered image include that the size of the truck will be reduced by approximately 3% and that the center line of the truck will be more level. In the representation, the center line creates a bed height that is not so shockingly high.

These changes were detailed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a recent tweet.

Musk is apparently reviewing the design of the Cybertruck with the truck design team and some changes will follow. Additional changes have not yet been made public, but we expect Musk to reveal more information about the Cybertruck as the design process continues.

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