Tesco introduces priority queuing for the NHS and social workers


Tesco has announced that it will allow the NHS and caregivers to go directly to the start of the queues to allow them to complete their purchases more quickly.

The supermarket chain had already introduced a number of measures in recent weeks to help people working in the health sector gain priority access to stores.

The measures included the addition of an additional hour to prioritize NHS workers every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as an hour of navigation before the crates open on Sunday, which gives them dedicated time to buy their essentials. .

Now the NHS and health workers will be able to go straight to the front lines of queues in stores across the UK.

A Tesco spokesperson said, “In addition to our priority shopping hours for NHS staff, we have introduced new priority access measures to support caregivers, NHS caregivers and emergency departments.

“These groups will now be invited to come directly to the front of the queue, helping them shop faster and at times that best fit their vital work.

“All we ask is that they bring with them an ID, like an NHS personnel card or an emergency services card.

“The priority hours of the NHS will continue between 9 am and 10 am on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. It’s another way to recognize the work of these clients and make their lives as easy as possible. “


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