Taysom Hill not surprised Saints should sign quarterback Jameis Winston


The New Orleans Saints signed on to Taysom Hill with a two-year extension and one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. They should now also sign Jameis Winston to add to their shift room. If you were looking for a brewing controversy, led by Hill, you won’t find one. Hill was not surprised by the Saints’ decision to recruit another quarterback. This is what the franchise told Hill even when they placed the first round tender on it before its expansion.

“Coach (Payton) and I had a conversation before the agency kicked off, kind of what his plan was for me,” said Hill in a conference call on Sunday. “I had several conversations after that and I knew we were always going to bring in another guy. I had no idea who it was going to be, but no surprise there. “

As for the saints who bring Winston? That didn’t surprise Hill either, especially since the Saints appreciated the quarter hall and the potential of having three-quarters contribute to the list.

“I think Jameis is a good football player and a good quarterback and I think nothing has changed for the New Orleans Saints,” said Hill. “The goal has always been and I think it will always be to win the Super Bowl and so I trust Coach (Sean) Payton, he has created so many opportunities for me and I think it’s great. “

Even though Hill and Winston have an incredibly different career path (Hill was an undrafted free agent originally signed by the Green Bay Packers while Winston was a former first overall pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Winston actually threw more passes to the Holy players (10) then Hill (7) in his career.

Once the Saints finalize the deal with Winston, he will compete with Hill for the No. 2 position. Given the financial commitment that the Saints have just given Hill, it seems to be a lock. Hill will be Brees’ emergency signal (Hill has a base salary of more than $ 10 million by 2021).

Adding competition for Hill is not a bad thing, especially when Hill thinks it makes the Saints stronger. Hill still believes he is the right man to lead the Saints when Brees decides to retire.

“I know what it takes to be a good quarterback. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Drew (Brees), “said Hill. “I think what makes a great quarterback is decision-making, precision, arm strength. I feel like I have it all, the ability to do all of these things at a high level.

“You look at it and a lot of people have criticized the number of balls I have thrown, as you mentioned or the completions or whatever, but the day I look at my career in the NFL and I do my best to take advantage of every opportunity I have been given.

“Because I threw 13 passes or whatever it is is not indicative or that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I feel able to do it. I trust Coach Payton’s system and process and I hope to have the opportunity. “


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