Taylor Hall on “the weird weather”, the importance of playing games before the playoffs


Taylor Hall got off the plane in Toronto and went straight home.

“I’m on day 12 of my 14-day quarantine,” the star winger said on the phone on Wednesday.

“I arrived here a few Fridays and I had to be in full quarantine.

“We asked someone to drop us a car at the airport with the keys and go home. I haven’t really seen anyone since. »»

This is the life of so many people these days.

Hall returned from Arizona to his Toronto home for a simple reason: he thought that Auston Matthews might want his house back to him. Hall, after being traded from New Jersey to Arizona earlier this season, asked the Toronto Maple Leafs star to rent his seat in Phoenix for the rest of the season.

With the NHL season on hiatus and the uncertainty surrounding a resumption of play, it remains to be seen whether Hall will return to Arizona and Matthews to Toronto over …


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