Target, Costco, Home Depot limit customers, take other measures to slow the spread of coronaviruses


Several grocery stores and other retailers in central New York and the United States are starting to limit the number of buyers inside their stores at the same time to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Target, Costco and Home Depot have announced that they are limiting or going to limit the number of authorized buyers inside the store at the same time to promote social distancing.

Starting on Saturday, Target announced that it would actively monitor and, if necessary, limit the number of people inside based on the square footage of the store.

“If counting is necessary, a team member will assist guests in a designated waiting area outside with social distance markers, while others will guide guests inside the store and do get things done quickly and easily, “said officials at Target. “This is another step to encourage social distancing, in addition to signage, floor decals and audio messages already in place in our stores. “

Other stores, such as Wegmans, say they are monitoring the number of buyers inside their stores and have a process in place in case they need to take this action.

Wegmans, which has set up one entrance for incoming buyers and the other for outgoing buyers, is ready for the move if necessary, officials said.

“We are closely monitoring the number of people in our stores at all times and we have a process in place that we are ready to implement if necessary,” said Marci Rivera, spokesperson for Wegmans.

The Aldi, Tops and Price Chopper stores have not yet taken this step, but are using Plexiglas shields at the checkouts.

Aldi suspends its practice of placing customers’ digitized items in another basket during payment. Customers will now keep the cart they started with to keep it clean, said Aldi officials.

Costco announced today that it will only allow a total of two people per membership card to enter the store.

All stores have set up markers to keep buyers six feet away.


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