“Survivor” recap: Season 40, episode 10 – Visiting loved ones


Some quarantined Survivor fans might want to be stranded on an island with no family right now, but the grass, my friends, is always greener. On day 24, the remaining 10 shipwrecked die of hunger at home, and tonight we will see yet another Survivor important step: visiting loved ones!

But players have a surprise to come when not only a person shows up, but their whole families hit the Fijian beach. Grab tissues, it’ll get tasty.

Jeff Probst wastes no time, reminding players of what – and who – they play. Seconds later, Kim’s husband and children run off to the beach. Seeing her family right now, she calls it one of the best times of her life. Through the course, each player cries, and tears do. do not. Stop it. Sophie cries to see her fiancé, while Sarah loses him at the sight of her husband and her young son. Some might call the episode of loved ones saccharin, but you know what? I am here for this. Reality TV often turns people into “characters”, so it’s always nice to see the pure joy and heart they give off.

Probst then delivers another shock: for the first time, there is no challenge for loved ones. Everyone can return to camp with their family! Aww, Jeff, you sweetie.

The war takes a break, while the parents play with their cute little children in the sand, but on the edge, the times are dark (seriously, they don’t seem so hot). In other words, until a boat stops, and surprise! Edge players also get family tours! It’s very moving for Adam, whose mother died shortly after returning from his original season. Yul calls the visit “pure joy and happiness”, while Ethan tells his wife that he never wants to be away from her again. The feelings are real and raw. If this reunion doesn’t make your heart swell by at least three sizes, you may want to check your pulse.

IMMUNITY IS NOW TO SEIZE | But back to stabbing, right? Players must pull a rope from a wobbly table as they try to stack letters to spell “immunity” with blocks. Jeremy is the first to empty his table, while Kim, Tyson and Nick seem to be the pioneers … until Kim loses all. So Tyson! And Nick! Everyone is fighting hardcore. Tony and Ben are neck and neck, until Ben eats it and Tony wins. He will be safe in the tribal council, but one of them is about to be deported.

STRATEGY SESH » | After the challenge, Jeremy tells Tony about the separation of Sarah and Sophie, whom he considers too dangerous. Tony stops him. Sarah wants Kim to be next, and Cagayan’s two players start to bicker and bother. Tony finally gives in and tells Sarah what she wants to hear. But the immune half of Cops R Us has other plans. He wants to blind Jeremy. Kim, Tyson and Jeremy, however, decide to regroup and withdraw Michele and Denise, in order to get Sophie out. It’s pure chaos, people! The vote changes 100 times in a few minutes (changed), and everyone starts to panic and think about its benefits. Jeremy can safely leave the tribes at any time! Sarah can steal a vote! Kim and Sophie have idols! It looks like the recipe for a turbulent tribal …

THE TRIBE SPOKEN | A few seconds later, the whisper is rampant. Probst barely asks questions before people spontaneously step out of their seats for side conversations. “These are our seasons on steroids,” notes Jeremy. When it’s time to vote, Jeremy and Sarah both say Jeff’s name, but become shy about using their benefits. They play Advantage Chicken, but when Jeff says it’s time to vote for the second time, Jeremy plays his security advantage without power. It cannot be rejected, but in return it cannot vote either. Sarah then takes advantage of stealing a vote, stripping Denise of her vote. Sarah will vote twice. It all comes down to Kim’s idol. She removes it (obviously) and, after taking a while, plays it for Denise. Once the votes are read, four votes are enough to send Tyson return at the edge.

SENSATIONAL. Did Jeremy leave his crew dry and dry? Who would you did you vote? Let us know in the comments below!


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