“Survivor” host Jeff Probst toasts Tony and answers hot question


If you don’t see the acronym in the title above, let’s translate: Jeff Probst says season 40 with its lineup of winning castaways could be “the biggest” Survivor “season of all time. “Judging by the episode this week where the champion” Survivor: Cagayan ” Tony Vlachos completely dominated three days of gameplay, it seems to be on the right track to get there.

As the host told Entertainment Weekly in a post-broadcast interview, “It was really a demonstration of so many levels of gameplay. He hurried to find to find an idol, he persuaded to get fire tokens, which in turn allowed him to participate – and win – the immunity challenge, and then he used his global awareness to maneuver relationships where he needed them. conduct the vote! “

But Jeff reminds fans of the series that “all the players in the game and Edge play just as hard. Sometimes you have to lie down and take your foot off the gas, and other times, like when you get an extortion advantage, you have to be creative, quick, and go bankrupt. “

He then responds to a question from the previous episode that included a visit to the Loved Ones, one that toured social media: what would happen if Sarah had gone before Jeremy to the tribal council last week and had used his advantage to steal a vote from Jeremy and Jeremy then used his Powerless Security – which was like losing a vote – what would happen next?

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“If Sarah went first and stole Jeremy’s vote, and then Jeremy used his advantage and left the tribe, I would have gone back to Sarah and said, ‘Well, you can’t steal Jeremy’s vote , so now who do you want to steal from? “

As for the preview of the next episode of “Winners at War” where Tony uses a spy nest to listen to his shipwrecked companions, Jeff says, “I wish we could just play it tonight. It is so good. … We are in the middle of what will probably forever be known as The G.S.O.S.O.A.T. “

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