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Buyers can grab a bargain if they’re in a supermarket today because the cost of Easter eggs and chocolates was cut before Easter Sunday tomorrow.

Big sales have been recorded in all the big supermarkets as stores try to empty their Easter stock.

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    Supermarkets cut the cost of Easter eggs to eliminate excess inventory
Supermarkets cut the cost of Easter eggs to eliminate excess inventoryCredit: Reuters

Significantly reduced Easter eggs have been seen in most large supermarkets and online prices have also been reduced.

On the Sainsbury website, for example, the cost of a Lindt Gold rabbit egg dropped to £ 4, from £ 6 – a savings of 33%, an Extra Large Malteasers Buttons egg to £ 4, from £ 8 – 50 per cent savings, while a Lindt Lindor’s milk egg fell to £ 4 from £ 6.

There were similar discounts in all the other large supermarkets.

On the Asda website, we saw that the big eggs Cadbury Creme, Malteaser and Cadbury Twirl were in a three for £ 8 deal. He also dropped a large selection of eggs from 130g to 75p.

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way we shop and Easter confectionery sales are expected to be down from a normal year.

Last year, for example, buyers spent £ 11 billion over the Easter weekend.

The discounts seen in stores come after huge queues were seen in UK supermarkets yesterday as people tried to stock up on food before Easter Sunday.

During the week, buyers were expected to wait in queues this weekend before department stores close on Easter Sunday.

The opening hours have also changed this weekend due to public holidays. We have a full list of all supermarket opening hours for this weekend.


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Many supermarkets now have restrictions on the number of people entering stores to maintain social distance to help stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

The number of items you can buy has also been limited in most supermarkets, although some have cut it on seasonal chocolate, including Easter eggs.

While it can be tempting to get inexpensive chocolate, trips to the supermarket should also only be to buy basic foods and essentials.

On March 23, Boris Johnson ordered all non-essential stores to be closed, but supermarkets were allowed to stay open so people could buy basic foods and essentials.

But there are other options for getting Easter chocolate. Deliveroo and Amazon, for example, were offering delivery services this week.

Local convenience stores use Deliveroo to sell their products while people with Amazon Prime may be able to get chocolate delivered on time.

Aldi is expected to lift restrictions on the number of items buyers can buy on Monday.

Morrisons purchases are now available to order with the Deliveroo app.

While Asda launched a free prescription delivery service.

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