Super League will ask players to cut wages throughout the season to fight for survival | sport


Super League clubs will notify their players of the proposed pay cut throughout the competition in the coming days, with a warning that the cut may last year-round.

The rugby league is awaiting a government decision on emergency funding, which is expected in the near future. However, it is felt that more needs to be done in the game to ensure that the sport and its clubs make the financial adjustments necessary to survive, regardless of Westminster’s decision.

The Guardian has learned that the top 12 clubs are preparing pay cut proposals which should be sent to players by the end of this week. With the prospect that the season will be suspended for a long time, he has left many clubs with no revenue from revenue and sponsorship which, for some, is necessary to stay afloat.

The Super League did not send in a competition-wide salary reduction proposal, but the clubs instead formed their own packages based on their individual financial projections. It is believed that at a recent meeting, the clubs agreed to all try to work at 10% of each other.

Clubs take such a long-term approach not only because of the immediate cash flow problem the sport faces, but also because of the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic if and when the season finally begins again.


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