Summary of the first “The Baccalaureate: Listen to your heart” – ABC Spinoff


A new spin-off of The single person puts a musical twist on the familiar dating show formula, with budding musicians competing for love and achieve fame … but is it just a little too “shallow”?

Yes, the spirit of A star is born hovers over The Bachelor presents: listen to your heart, the candidates all looking to find this Jackson-and-Ally chemistry with someone special. (But they know the movie’s love story didn’t end too happily, right?) Host Chris Harrison faces the Star is born connection from the start of Monday’s premiere, admitting they’re trying to “bring out a little more of that magic” while a very “Shallow” acoustic guitar riff sounds like the soundtrack. (One guy even says in the preview, “It’s like A star is born! OK, we understand, ABC.)

Listen to your heart throws 20 single men and women, all musicians, together in the Bachelor mansion, where they will team up and perform duets together – and if they can’t find a match, they are sent wrapped. The bachelor crop includes military veterinarian Brandon, musical theater actress Bekah (who shouts in the mirror, “You deserve love!”), Yoga instructor Savannah and American Idol also ran Trevor. (Hey, Katy Perry thought he was sexy!) They all cram into the mansion, minus the usual limousine arrivals, and Savannah immediately exudes a nasty vibe. (“I think my confidence is intimidating … if I’m just looking for a pretty face, like, let me go find the people at my modeling agency, you know?”)

The bachelor listens to your heart Ryan JamieRyan and Jamie immediately partner up, and he tells her about his childhood brain attacks … but his eye wanders as soon as Trevor walks through the door. Rudi, meanwhile, is a handful: she is 24 years old, and she is already tired of dating, guys! (She looks a bit like a Bachelor super fan who sneaked into the mansion just to make funny comments.) She and a bearded guy named Matt quickly hit him. And to fill in the douchebag quotient, Michael shows up and sings perhaps the strangest voice I have ever heard about his “warm touch.” (He also blatantly hits Savannah with this must-have pickup line: “I like your looks. A lot.”)

More and more competitors continue to broadcast, including Sheridan, the long-haired aficionado, and Julia, Connie Britton’s clone. Once everyone is at the door, Chris Harrison explains to them how it will work: they will have meetings every week, and yes, there will be rose ceremonies. With 12 men and 8 women, this means that four guys will go home from the first cut. (Dun-dun-dun.) This inspires Sheridan to pull Julia aside, and they seem to be part of the main couple … until Brandon intervenes and catches Julia’s attention, catching the first kiss of the season. Ryan and Jamie share a hug and a kiss too, but soon after, she and Trevor bond about their common love of … yes, A star is born! As Ryan walks away from the piano, Jamie sneaks into the hot tub with Trevor for a steamy make-up session. (Jamie, it’s the first night. Slow down, girl!)

To maximize the drama, the first date card goes to Ryan, who chooses Jamie to join him in a recording studio at Capitol Records and record a cover of John Mayer’s “Gravity”. They tend to panic – they are both big fans of John Mayer – but they put together a nice version and then enjoyed a kiss on the roof at sunset. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Matt gets date card # 2 and chooses… not Rudi, but Mel! (I guess Rudi rejected her kiss the night before.) While Rudi complains to the other girls and (literally) sings the blues, Matt and Mel are enjoying a private Plain White T concert.

The bachelor listens to your heart Julia SheridanA few cracks start to form before the rose ceremony: Sheridan sees Julia clenching Josh’s lips, so he pulls her aside to compose a song together – and they kiss too! Matt admits that he and Mel didn’t have much chemistry at their date, so he decides to “go back” with Rudi, and he stammers through near-excuses as she hammers at him for having conduct. Trevor feels Jamie escape, so he plays a song to him (of course) and they do a little more (of course). She’s confused, guys! At the rose ceremony, Savannah chooses Brandon, Mel chooses Gabe, Bekah chooses Danny, Bri chooses Chris, Cheyenne chooses Matt (!), Julia chooses Sheridan… and then there is Jamie.

After thousands of times, Jamie hands his rose to Trevor … but Rudi gives it to Ryan, so he stays anyway. (Thanks, producers!) That means Michael the smoothie and three other guys we barely met are heading home… and in next week’s preview, a new girl shows up to accuse Trevor of being a cheater by series. It’s funny!

All right, Bachelor Nation, it’s your turn: give Listen to your heart create a note in our survey, then tap comments to share your thoughts.


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