Sturgeon’s secret weapon: Scottish Conservative leader voices concern over push for independence | United Kingdom | News


Jackson Carlaw told that UK history is less relevant to young people in Scotland. Carlaw said a new argument for the union needs to be articulated that demonstrates to the young demographic that Scotland will do better under the United Kingdom over the next thirty to fifty years.

Scottish Conservative Patry chief said, “I think independence would be a disaster, but at the same time, I recognize that for young people, we need to articulate and shape a new argument for the union.

“They are less engaged than the elderly in history, in sentimental history.

“The fact that together, as a nation, we stood up and fought to defeat Hitler during the Second World War.

“It is less relevant for young people.

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“So it is absolutely essential that, together with the rest of the UK, we show how good the UK is for the whole of the UK.

“We need to articulate and shape a new argument that will show over the next thirty to fifty years that young people will see a Scotland that is much more successful in the heart of the United Kingdom. “

Carlaw also said that Ms. Sturgeon and the SNP wanted Brexit to fail so they could get support for another Scottish independence referendum.

Mr. Carlaw called for the Scottish government needed to find solutions for whole UK to succeed outside the European Union

“I am determined that we will not support and there will not be.

“But that is the agenda of the SNP and that is what could be so detrimental to us outside the European Union. “

Scotland held its first independence referendum in 2014.

The Scottish people voted to stay in the UK with a 55% majority.


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