Study finds coronavirus can stay in the air in crowded spaces


Many might think that once this coronavirus pandemic is over, life will return to normal, but that will not necessarily be the case. Until a vaccine can be found, even if the blockages are relaxed or lifted, it could be relatively dangerous to get out, especially if the results of a recent study are accurate.

According to researchers at the University of Wuhan, they discovered that the coronavirus can continue to linger in the air, especially in crowded spaces. This means that if an infected person coughs in a public space such as a shopping center and walks away, the virus could continue to persist in that area even after he leaves. Previously, it was discovered that the virus could persist on surfaces for weeks.

This was discovered after researchers created aerosol traps in and around two hospitals in Wuhan, and found evidence that the virus persisted in the air in patient departments, supermarkets, residential buildings, toilets, and in particular the high concentrations where medical products remove their protective equipment. .

This means that if you plan on going out after the lockout restrictions have been lifted, you may want to consider avoiding crowded spaces and places where ventilation could be poor, and of course, practicing good hygiene, like washing your hands with soap and water is a no-brainer.

Deposit Medical. Learn more about Covid-19, Health and Study. Source: bloomberg


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