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“I’m going to have the coaches on Zoom all the time and it’s like we’re in the same room,” said Wade. “Zoom is going to be on the iPad. The other computer will be used to watch stuff and analytics. I’m going on a phone, which is the league call. The other one, emergency phone, I will own this to let them know who we are choosing. ”

And there’s no need to worry if his phone drops the call just before Chicago’s pick # 8. Wade said his assistants will also be on call if necessary.

The league-wide call in which all teams participate during the repechage is done in real time, a few minutes before the ESPN broadcast, so there is no fear that a choice will not be made. hour.

Washington coach Mike Thibault, who abandoned the first round on Tuesday to acquire Tina Charles, was not sure if he would end up with his son Eric, who is an assistant coach. If they did, he said they would maintain social distance, but having no choice until the end of the second round, they might not need to be in the same room.

Unlike the previous three years where the Las Vegas franchise had the No. 1 choice, the team has no selection until the third round. Aces general manager Dan Padover will be in Connecticut and coach Bill Laimbeer in Florida.

Padover said he had already missed the camaraderie that usually occurs this week.


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