Steve Kerr explains how Michael Jordan, Steph Curry’s fame differs


Steve Kerr wanted Steph Curry in his team, and he fulfilled his wish. But not how or when he envisioned it.

Kerr, who was general manager of the Suns from 2007 to 2010, recently shared how he thought Curry was headed to Phoenix in a 2009 NBA draft day swap with the Warriors.

Kerr – who, as you know, has now won three NBA championships as a Warriors coach – asked Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll on their “Flying Coach” podcast: “Whoever is escaped – is there a project that comes to mind where you say, “Dude. There was a guy we were watching and something happened, and we just couldn’t do it? »»

After Carroll gave his answer, Kerr explained what happened with the Suns’ Curry trade failure 11 years ago:

“We tried to trade for Steph Curry. We went very far on the road with the Warriors, and we thought: ‘We will get there. We’re going to make a deal, and it will be the guy who will replace Steve Nash. ‘

“One of the reasons we loved Steph was that we were so fortunate to have Steve Nash win two MVPs, become that dominant player and that incredible leader. Phoenix Hero – the guy everyone was wearing the jersey; all the children carried everywhere in the city. “

“It was not easy to watch Steph at university as he was going to be a star. He had to grow, he had to improve. But you could see the skill level. We actually thought we had a deal that night, and the Warriors ended up taking Steph and keeping him.

“And I’m really happy, Pete. Glad it happened [laughter)] I probably wouldn’t be doing a coaching podcast with you right now if this job had [laughing)] Thank goodness for Steph. ”

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This is not news, as Kerr has already mentioned. Here’s what he said in March 2013, in an article from

Back on the evening of the 2009 draft, when the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Syracuse leader Johnny Flynn to # 6, a loud cheer could be heard from the Suns’ war room at the US Airways Center.

“The agreement was contingent, on our side, on the presence of Curry,” said former Suns general manager Steve Kerr to Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo. “And when he was still there, we had the ‘impression that we had an agreement and unfortunately in the NBA, and I am sure that in all sports, nothing is done until the commercial call is made. ”

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It is possible, however, that this is the first time you have heard of this. If that is the case …

… Pretty wild, right?

But not as wild as the Minnesota Timberwolves writing Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn # 5 and # 6 respectively, which made Steph available to the Warriors at # 7. The rest, of course, is the story of the NBA, and good news for Kerr when he became a Warriors coach in 2014.

The Suns, meanwhile, had to carve out a spot at number 14, where they drafted Earl Clark of Louisville, who only played 60 games for Phoenix and 261 games in the NBA.

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