Stephen Colbert and Jake Gyllenhaal linked to sourdough


But he started to silence Colbert.

“I have leaven leaven,” muttered Gyllenhaal. ” He is resting. My leaven is resting. “

Colbert whispered, “Is this something the leaven should do?” He must rest? “

The late night host then asked the “Spider-man” actor if he was part of the “leaven cult” which has apparently become one thing because people are at home because of the pandemic.

“As my hair grew longer and I slowly entered the hipster world, I found myself in love with the leaven,” said Gyllenhaal.

Having nothing to do, the star said, a friend who owns the Mill bakery in San Francisco graciously agreed to teach him about dough starters.

It turns out that Colbert is right there with him and has released his own starter starter.

“It definitely smells sour,” said Colbert, who added that his niece made sourdough bread. “It smells like yogurt. “

While he was a beginner himself, Gyllenhaal offered Colbert some advice on how to get ahead with the starter.

“I have no idea what motivates anyone to watch TV, so it is possible that this conversation is getting Super Bowl rankings or that people are rushing to have the remote click on something else, ”joked Colbert.


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