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The Steph Show entered the world of daytime television late last month when former BBC presenter Steph McGovern, 37, revealed that his talk show on Channel 4 was launched earlier provided that. However, with the UK locked, due to a coronavirus and wanting to entertain viewers, the reporter decided to adapt her program to the current climate. As recently as yesterday, the host revealed that the show was going to “take a break” until he was sure to present from the Leeds studio. Channel 4 program director Ian Katz explained today why they “had to” take him off the air.


Speaking to Twitter and considering his 400,300 subscribers, Steph explained that the show would “take a break” to “make my family our home”.

The presenter continued in detail the current progress of her chat show, which would end next week, Thursday, May 7, but did not specify when viewers could expect a return.

However, it seems that there is a little more behind the story than expected, the “neighbors” also having to adapt to the new configuration.

Since the show was taped at her home, with producers using her garage for office space and crew members in the garden, there seems to be another reason to suspend things for a while.

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Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Ian revealed that the show could not continue to be broadcast from Steph’s home, as he said: “In the end, I think we pushed our patience a bit too much neighbors.

“So we had to remove it for a while and our decision is fair to say that we want to wait now until we can get into the studio and produce the show that we intended to produce. “

With the real reason now explained, earlier in the panel, the program director could not have been more complimentary towards the host.

“When the crisis really intensified, it was pretty clear that we weren’t going to be able to do the show that we intended to do.”


As a result, Steph has brought his cat show to the nation five days a week since March 31 and has captured the hearts of viewers.

In addition to discussing current affairs, the host was also joined by a host of celebrity talents, from stars of Strictly Come Dancing to musicians and television personalities.

Next week will see the end of the current race, however, and after the announcer’s announcement on social media, fans have been devastated.

A Twitter post: “It’s a shame, I can’t wait to see you live from the studio instead, you did well, well done. “

Another added: “You deserve and need uninterrupted family time to just ‘be’ without the trespassing work at home! We will all be there when you are in your new work area. “

While a third commented, “Thank you Steph for the show. Stay safe and enjoy recovering your home for family life. “

Viewers will have to wait a few months to see the all-new studio version of The Steph Show come to life as bosses plan how to record the show while following government directives.

After getting a quick glimpse of what’s in store, fans are sure to log on and see the cat in all its glory.

The Steph Show airs weekday at 12 noon on Channel 4.


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