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Steph Curry tells how he felt tested for coronavirus


Steph Curry became ill around the time the coronavirus pandemic began to escalate.

In the first two weeks of the season, Steph Curry ended up breaking his hand and was forced to miss a considerable amount of action. After months of rehab, Curry eventually returned to the Golden State Warriors lineup but faced another setback when he fell ill with a fever. It was in March when the Coronavirus started to grow in the United States.

Curry ended up getting tested and luckily his test came back negative. Despite this, Curry went through days of unease because he feared he had the virus everyone was talking about. In a new room for TIME Magazine, Curry admitted that he had locked himself in his room for days just to avoid people. He knew it was serious and wanted to protect those around him.

Steph Curry

By curry:

“March 6. It was then that everything became very real. I had just played my first basketball game in months the day before, and conversations were swirling about what this virus could mean for the league.

That night I started to feel sick. The fever has set in. First at 100. Then at 101. My first thought was, “What are the odds? Could it really happen? “After months of waiting to get back on the field after a broken hand and two surgeries, I just wanted to play. But the threat of this mysterious virus locked me in my room to protect everyone I cared about: woman, children, teammates, fans.

I was the first NBA player tested for COVID-19. Fortunately, my test came back negative. But this experience hit and hit me hard. “

Now that Curry has shared his story, maybe more people will take this thing seriously.



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