Stenton becomes a little corner of France as students welcome a coffee


French specialties were on the menu in Stenton, at a coffee-style event organized by the village’s primary school for the benefit of two charities.

The idea came from the school’s head teacher, Tina Aitchison.

The 24 students from the school spent four weeks preparing for the event, and coffee was held in the Stenton party hall in early March.

Students sent letters about their project to local businesses inviting them to support the event.

Letters received by Tesco and the cooperative led the two stores to donate all food and beverages.

Students at the school have chosen to raise funds for two charities: the World Wildlife Fund and Big Sleep Out.

Students and staff wore French-themed, three-color clothing and practiced the language so that they could speak French throughout the afternoon.

In addition to tea and coffee, over 60 people enjoyed a number of French pastries, bread and cheese.

Teacher Sandra Macniven said, “The kids wanted to organize a community event to bring everyone together.

“We think about doing something like this every year now.

“The children participated in planning the whole event; they did everything and we just supervised.

“It’s something a little different from normal.

“It also gives the whole school a chance to network with each other.

“We didn’t expect a lot of people to show up, but the community support in Stenton is excellent; the community really supports everything that children do. “

Natwest officials also visited the school to teach children about budgeting. Each of the students had a specific role to play, including servers and greetings.

Macniven added, “I would also like to thank the support staff for all their help. We couldn’t do anything without them.

“The kids have done an incredible job of serving and keeping everyone nourished and hydrated.”

The students then interpreted the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French and sang a few French songs.

Thanks to donations from all the guests, the school raised £ 264.

Ronnie Taylor, principal of Stenton, Innerwick and West Barns elementary schools, said, “I think it was fantastic, I was really proud of the boys and girls.

“I think they worked very hard at the prospect of what we were doing and it is events like these that not only bring together the learning of the program but also bring the community together, which is really important in a place like Stenton.

“The school is still supported; we are very fortunate to have a committed community and I think the children are up to it every time. “


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