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Toronto, ON (April 13, 2020) – On behalf of the Canadian Premier League, Commissioner David Clanachan has issued the following statement:

“The Canadian Premier League and its member clubs have worked hard to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our business. We were supposed to start our season on April 11, but we couldn’t do it, “said David Clanachan, CPL commissioner. “Despite all our efforts, we must now make adjustments to our operations, including the salaries of our passionate, hard-working players, coaches and employees.”

“Players will see 25% of their contracts deferred, while coaches, technical staff and club and league employees will benefit from salary cuts during this difficult time in order to keep as many people as possible.

“We thank our dedicated players, coaches and staff for helping us to share the weight of these difficult challenges,” concluded Clanachan, “and we look forward to starting our season and welcoming our incredible fans back when the authorities will say it is safe to do so. “

The CPL and its member clubs thank all front-line health workers and first responders for their heroic efforts to smooth the COVID-19 curve.

David Clanachan
Canadian Premier League Commissioner


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Micki Benedetti Vice-President, Communications [email protected]


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