Stanley Trump, friend of President Trump, dies of coronavirus


Trump spoke at recent White House briefings of a friend who fell ill with the virus, which killed more than 20,600 Americans on Sunday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Trump first spoke about his friend when he described the “wickedness” of the disease on March 29.

“I had a friend who went to the hospital the other day. He’s a little older and heavy, but he’s a tough person, “said Trump. “And he went to the hospital, and a day later, he’s in a coma … he’s not well. “

“Speed ​​and nastiness, especially if it gets the right person, it’s horrible. It’s really horrible, ”he said.

The 73-year-old president hinted that he had “friends” who were sick.

“I have friends who are incredibly sick,” said Trump. “We thought they were going to have a sweet stay. And, in one case, he is unconscious – in a coma. And you say, “How did it happen? “”

Trump had left the impression that knowing someone who had fallen ill with COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, had influenced his decisions about how to manage the epidemic.

But asked in a subsequent briefing if his friend’s case marked a turning point in his thinking, Trump replied no because he had seen the statistics and the increase in the number of cases.

“He’s sort of the central cast of what we’re talking about, and it hit him very hard,” Trump said on April 1. “I have never seen anything like it. “

Trump called his friend and campaign donor at a 2019 rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, describing him as “one of the largest builders and real estate agents in the world.”

“He’s a great guy, and he’s been with me from the start,” said Trump.


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