Stanford is the new Tight End U.


We have determined each “position U”. by measuring what each college should strive to do, in sport and beyond: Prepare students for a professional career. For the full explanation of our scoring system, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Surprisingly, Stanford has never – not in the past decade, ever – had a tight end selected in the first round. But the Cardinal has had the tightest ends selected in the project over the past decade (seven).

However, among the contenders for Tight End U., Miami and Iowa not only have more first-round picks to their credit, but have also put an All-Pro player in the league since 2010 (Jimmy Graham and George Kittle, respectively) .

The tight end is the only position in the Position U series without a SEC club in the Top 5, although there is a lot of depth. Six of the top 20 programs in our TE ranking came from the SEC, more than any other league.

* * *

WELCOME TO POSITION U.: Quarterback U. | Linebacker U. | Wide Receiver U. | Offensive line U. | Running Back U. | Defensive line U. (coming Sunday) | Back Defender U. (coming Monday)

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Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz

1. Stanford, 33 points
2. Miami, 30
3. Iowa, 29
4. Notre Dame, 26
5 (tie). Oklahoma, 20
5 (tie). USC, 20
7 (tie). Arkansas, 16
7 (tie). Penn State, 16
9 (tie). Alabama, 14
9 (tie). Wisconsin, 14

* * *


Zach Ertz (second round 2013, 71 starts)
Coby Fleener (second round 2012, 54 starts)
Austin Hooper (third round 2016, 28 starts)
Levine Toilolo (fourth round 2013, 67 starts)
Jim Dray (seventh inning 2010, 38 starts)
Ryan Hewitt (2014 not drafted, 39 starts)
Dalton Schultz (fourth round 2018, 7 starts)
Kaden Smith (sixth round 2019, 6 starts)
Konrad Reuland (2011 not drafted, 4 starts)


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