Stanford doctor draws Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s art on Etch A Sketch


Healthcare professionals around the world have been the real heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), putting their lives on the line to save suffering. It has been difficult for doctors and nurses to cope with the stress of overwhelming and exhausting changes in overcrowded hospitals during these difficult times, but one doctor in particular has found a creative way to find comfort in his minimal free time. .

Dr. Greg Adamson, pediatric cardiology fellow at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, drew this impressive work of art by star warriors Steph Curry and Klay Tompson on an Etch A Sketch print.

Adamson finished the draw last Saturday. He’s been a Warrior fan since moving to the Bay Area for college in 2005, and has a home in mind for his Splash Brothers.

“I have a way to make them permanent and I usually give them as a gift,” Adamson told NBC Sports Bay Area. “This one will probably find its way to a good friend of mine who is an unconditional fan of the Warriors. “

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Drawing on an engraving A sketch can be intimidating, said Adamson. A small error can ruin the whole project.

“Preparation takes me an hour or two,” he said. “Choose the photo and draw it, make a plan where everything can be done with a single continuous line, because, of course, you cannot stop the line to move the styles. Then I start with the hardest part – – in this case, Steph’s beautiful face – just in case I mess up (and then) I can erase and start over. The rest took about four hours. “

Adamson and all the other healthcare workers who fight for the lives of their patients deserve a great deal of admiration and appreciation. An Etch A Sketch drawing turns pale in comparison to their heroic efforts, but a simple and beautiful work of art can do a lot in the anxiety and pain of this health crisis.

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