St. Mary’s Hospital reports COVID-19 outbreaks in two units


St. Mary’s General Hospital has reported COVID-19 outbreaks in two of its units.

The announcement was made on Saturday by press release and after consultation with Waterloo Region Public Health.

Kitchener Hospital says it is closing the third floor to new admissions, but other services and care are not affected.

A third-floor patient tested positive for COVID-19 in what is believed to be patient-to-patient transmission.

The patient was in a semi-private room and was initially tested negative, but was later found to be COVID positive after being readmitted with worsening symptoms, officials said.

A member of staff from the unit is also said to have contracted the virus while caring for the first patient.

The hospital says there has been a staff-to-staff transmission on the sixth floor.

It was determined by an investigation into a group of positive COVID staff members that the transmission occurred in a common space and not in a direct patient care area.

Patient admissions are expected to continue on this floor as staff will continue to wear personal protective equipment.

The safety of our patients and staff is paramount, “said Lee Fairclough, President of St. Mary’s. “We made this statement with great caution. “

The hospital says the earliest epidemic on the sixth floor can be declared ended on April 28, while the epidemic on the third floor can be declared no sooner than April 30.

As of Saturday, 257 employees in St. Mary’s had been tested for COVID-19 and 22 were positive. Staff who test positive self-isolate at home.

Fairclough adds that more than 30 hospitals in Ontario have reported COVID-19 outbreaks.


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