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Pacify is perhaps the most famous summer obstacle winner of all time after a surprise appearance in the media spotlight alongside Prince Charles.

A framed photo of the prolific winner of the novice obstacle was seen at the piano behind the Prince of Wales as he opened the Nightingale Hospital in London’s ExCel center via video link from his home in Scotland.

These images, reporting on Britain’s first emergency campaign hospital set up to treat coronavirus, have been published in newsletters worldwide and have garnered numerous comments on social media from Pacify. .

Among those who reacted on Twitter, horse trainer Jamie Snowden said, “I didn’t spot it, but two of our owners took a snapshot of it and sent it to me.

“The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles raised it together and when an owner has raised a horse that turns out to be suitable, it always means a little more for them.”

Snowden was not surprised to see the photo and added, “It’s like all of us. We all have pictures of horses, dogs or children in our homes and this is their family home.

“Sir Chips Keswick is now co-owner, unlike Prince Charles, but the Duchess of Cornwall loves it.

“She came to Kempton to see him when he won a listed novice obstacle and he was a very decent novice – I don’t know if there are other horses that have won five novice obstacles this season. “

By royal appointment: the Duchess of Cornwall with Pacify and Gavin Sheehan after winning at Kempton in October
Alan Crowhurst

Pacify is on vacation, rested since he finished fourth behind Shiskin, winner of the Cheltenham Festival in Huntingdon in February.

“He got muscular when he was slightly disappointed with the Sidney benches in Huntingdon. So we sent him back and we’ll get him back to be a novice chasing next season, “said Snowden.

“We taught him over a fence before he ran over obstacles for the first time and he jumped very well. “

Watch Pacify win at Newton Abbot

In light of the coronavirus epidemic and the cessation of racing, Snowden has cut back considerably and said, “I think as coaches we now need to take care of our staff and our owners. as well as our horses. When the race resumes, we need owners and staff, so I pulled back completely and turned everything – we only rode three horses this morning when he would normally be 50 years old.

“We are lucky, we are on the verge of a good season and we had 46 winners from our fleet of 50 boxes. But we have reduced costs as much as possible to save owners’ bills. We took advantage of the leave plan and cash flow is now essential, because under the leave plan, you have to pay the 80% before you get reimbursed.

“We’re all going to take a hit, but if we take care of the people who matter to us, you would hope they will take care of you when it all starts up again. “

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FIRST PUBLICATION 12:15 p.m. April 4, 2020


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