Spotify now works with Siri on Apple Watch


Apple Watch users can now ask Siri to play music through Spotify. With an update to the Spotify app today, spotted by 9to5Mac, you can now ask Siri to play music via Spotify by ending a music request with “on Spotify”. The example given by Spotify is something as simple as “Hey Siri, play music on Spotify”.

This is a small update, but it is long overdue for the Apple Watch. Apple only started allowing third-party music apps to integrate with Siri last year with the launch of iOS 13 and watchOS 6. Spotify immediately started to support the functionality on iPhones, but it has taken so far to expand to the Apple Watch.

By default, Siri serves music requests via Apple Music. Integration has given Apple Music an advantage because it’s the easiest service to reach by voice. While there is still a slight hurdle in having to specify “on Spotify” – Android, for example, allows users to define their preferred streaming service and automatically uses it for future voice requests – it’s a significant step forward . This is especially true on the Apple Watch, where you may need to keep your hands free while changing what you listen to.

Spotify has criticized Apple in the past for its anti-competitive behavior. Although Spotify mainly focuses on the App Store, where Apple subjects almost all other companies to a 30% reduction in sales (or 15% on current subscriptions), it is also mentioned that it has been excluded from Siri. Today’s update shows how Apple is starting to slow, but not as much as possible.


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