SPORTS AGENDA: Jordan Henderson of Liverpool takes over NHS relief fund


Jordan Henderson of Liverpool admirably took the lead in coronavirus football, suggesting that a fund be set up to help the NHS during the crisis.

The man of England also played an important role this weekend at the players’ wages summit.

It is therefore surprising that Henderson is not the representative of the Liverpool Professional Football Association. This role is held by assistant goalkeeper Adrian, who succeeded Simon Mignolet and was also a PFA representative at West Ham.

However, Henderson has held talks with the union on the current issue.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is behind a coronavirus crisis fund for NHS players

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is behind a coronavirus crisis fund for NHS players

Lock clubs of prominent stars receive red card from clubs

Premier League clubs are warning their players not to post social media videos of themselves “enduring” the locking life in their huge back gardens, lavish kitchens or state-of-the-art gyms.

A source said, “Players have been told that there are people who don’t have as much medicine ball in their home, not to mention a gym, so if they start posting videos from their 100 meter walkways or the sprawling gardens, this may not be the best look.

BBC refuses to reveal true cost of Tokyo cancellation

When interviewed by Sports Agenda, the BBC refused to answer the number of workers it had planned to send to Tokyo for the Olympics, how much money it had spent on royalties and, most importantly, s ‘they were insured against cancellation fees.

BBC refused to reveal number of workers it plans to take to Tokyo for the Olympics

The BBC has refused to reveal the number of workers it plans to take to Tokyo for the Olympics

Comedy of mistakes after a Grealish cock-up

You might expect a press release titled “Mass error of judgment” to correct the facts. Enter beIN SPORTS, which offered quotes from Aston Villa legend Andy Gray, who criticized club midfielder Jack Grealish after his coronavirus shot last weekend.

Accusing Grealish of “gross stupidity,” the statement added, “Andy Gray, who has won 167 selections for Villa, said …”

NHS staff gets noticed after Cheltenham Festival is criticized

Horse racing has been the subject of criticism of Cheltenham this year, fearing that the Festival may have played a role in the spread of the coronavirus across the country. A fortnight ago, this column noted that a large number of media and public relations had caught the virus after joining the 250,000 people present at the event during its four days.

It is therefore interesting that the Jockey Club, owner of the course, decided to offer 10,000 tickets to NHS workers for the first day of next year’s big national meeting in Aintree.

Horse racing was criticized for Cheltenham moving forward amid coronavirus crisis

Horse racing has been criticized for Cheltenham moving forward amid coronavirus crisis

Live stretching session hit by hackers

Fielder Holly Bradshaw has beautifully started filming live stretching sessions for fans trapped at home during lockdown using the Zoom platform.

However, the flow was diverted and pornographic images then appeared on the screen, to the shock of spectators.

The Lancastrian, 28, posted a video on the makers of the graphic images and is now doing pre-recorded sessions instead.

Holly Bradshaw has had her Zoom workouts hijacked and replaced with pornographic images

Holly Bradshaw has had her Zoom workouts hijacked and replaced with pornographic images

Product placement of Sky stalwart Shreeves

No one can accuse Sky’s Geoff Shreeves of not being a businessman. The presenter helped fill the void during the crisis by arranging extended interviews with experts.

During his conversation with Jamie Carragher, it was notable that Shreeves had not only turned the book from the former Liverpool defender to face the camera on the shelf behind him, but that he had done the same with the works literary works of other men in heaven Alan Smith and Graeme Souness, as well as ex-colleague Thierry Henry.

Clubs take advantage of crisis by hiding accounts

A number of clubs appear to have taken advantage of the Coronavirus and the Chancellor’s flexible reporting rules to delay sending their annual accounts by three months. These include Derby, Brentford and Crystal Palace.

Wage Limit Proposal Leads to “Howls of Mockery”

Sources revealed that there were “howls of derision” at a recent EFL meeting to discuss financial measures to keep clubs alive during the coronavirus crisis when an anonymous executive suggested a salary cap of £ 6000 per week for the entire championship.

Such a move would be of little or no use to Millwall and Luton, whose salaries are overshadowed by the biggest spenders in the league. Insiders say this point has been very strongly emphasized.

Jimmy Anderson Will Not Look At Australians “Despised”

It was telling on the Tailenders podcast to hear Jimmy Anderson didn’t – and it is unlikely – to watch the awkwardly publicized “documentary” directed by the Australian buyout summer that this revealed chronicle was in preparation and has now been published.

When BBC Radio 1 host and presenter Greg James said he would be happy to watch a documentary about his broadcast rivals, Capital FM, Anderson replied, “It’s a little different – you don’t despise not everyone on Capital FM, right? “

Britain's Jimmy Anderson has no interest in watching a sickly Australian documentary

Britain’s Jimmy Anderson has no interest in watching a sickly Australian documentary

Rod Bransgrove writes the script for a locked out musical

Rod Bransgrove, the president and entrepreneur of Hampshire cricket, is isolated at his home in Winchester. The 70-year-old takes the opportunity to write the script for a musical. In it, Bransgrove plays the guitar in his own rock band, although it is not yet clear who else will be in the group. One of the people he most admires is Sir Mick Jagger, whom he met through his great friend Sir Ian Botham. Bransgrove went to Mustique once to have dinner with Jagger.

Manchester City is looking for a new media agency

Manchester City continues to search for a new news agency after, in a gesture revealed by Sportsmail, canned their latest following a campaign worthy of the name not authorized by the club which called on influencers to “help promote the atmosphere at Etihad ”. The city has sent inquiries to a number of agencies, presumably with a brief so as not to make them appear hopeless.



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