Spokane Veterans Home Confirms 11 Total COVID-19 Cases Among Residents


SPOKANE, Wash. – Ten other residents tested positive for COVID-19 at the Spokane Veterans Home, according to the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.

That makes a total of 12 residents who tested positive for the virus at home. One of these residents died earlier this week.

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According to a press release, all the positive cases were reported in one area of ​​the establishment. House staff try to control the spread of their path to other parts of the house.

“We are learning from the experience of other long-term care facilities and we are working to defeat this enemy who has come through our door,” said Lourdes E. Alvarado-Ramos, director of the Department of Veterans Affairs at Washington State. “Our team works tirelessly to care for our residents and prevent the spread of the virus.”

The selection process for Veterans Home employees was reviewed by a MultiCare team, which determined that all CDC and DOH protocols were followed at the facility.

The MultiCare team recommended that more patients be tested, ten of whom returned positive for the virus. Seven residents gave a negative result and one is still awaiting the results.

House staff are wearing additional PPE and have intensified cleaning up measures since two of the house’s residents were tested positive last week.

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