SPOILER: Backstage WrestleMania news on babyfaces pass, Triple H involved with Boneyard Match


I reported last night that Vince McMahon wanted the two WrestleMania parties to end on a positive note because he wanted the shows to be an escape from the real world. I also noted that this is why the term “coronavirus” was banned from the broadcasts. I also noted that before the coronavirus epidemic forced WWE to move to the Performance Center, the plan for WrestleMania was for Drew McIntyre to win the title against Brock Lesnar. I have not heard that these plans changed when WrestleMania games were taped more than a week ago.

Dave Meltzer confirmed today that having baby faces (as much as possible) is “very important” because of the times we live in. In some cases, for reasons of scenario, some heels will disappear, but McMahon wants more positivity on the watch this weekend.

Meltzer also noted that the Boneyard game was considered a huge success. Michael Hayes produced the show and Paul “Triple H” Levesque was very involved in the match.

As previously reported, Triple H told TV Guide that the current restrictions have caused the company to rethink its strategy and that we may see more “off-site” matches in the near future.

SummerSlam might be a good time to do something similar to the Boneyard match if restrictions on large gatherings are not lifted by then. Donald Trump told the owners of the league on Saturday that he hopes to lift restrictions on sporting events by August or September. It sounds optimistic, but it all comes down to what scientists say.


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