SPFL summit could crown Celtic champions as null and void option NOT on crisis meeting agenda


Next week, SPFL leaders are expected to enter into crisis talks to discuss whether to follow Belgium’s lead and to declare the end of the football season.

And Sport Record understands that if a decision is made to disconnect the current campaign, Celtic will almost certainly be crowned champion with immediate effect.

The Belgian solution is expected to be at the top of the agenda at a plenary meeting of the SPFL board of directors on Monday, then debated again the following day during a series of conference calls with the four separate divisions.

But an alternative option to the 2019/20 “null and void” campaign will not be on the table. The bosses will also be forced to consider a UEFA warning, published on Thursday evening, that stopping the season could jeopardize the qualification of the Champions League and the Europa League.

We revealed on Wednesday evening that Scotland may be forced to go it alone by declaring the winners and losers of this season because across the border Premier League bosses are trying to make increasingly unrealistic plans to end the season and avoid a catastrophic cancellation bill of £ 1 billion.

We also said that UEFA – which also feared huge claims if the Champions League and the Europa League were to be cut – demanded that all national competitions be restarted across the continent in June.

But the leaders of the Belgian league glued two fingers to the governing body when they handed over the Jupiler League title to Bruges, which had risen 15 points ahead of Ghent, second.

The move angered UEFA’s top leaders, who spent Thursday in talks with the Belgians in an attempt to turn around.

SPFL leaders will follow the outcome of these talks closely before sitting down to eliminate their own emergency measures.

A source close to the sixth floor of Hampden said: “Developments in Belgium highlight the division between the five big European leagues and the others.

“Small countries have less lucrative broadcast deals and therefore the scale of the problems they face in canceling the season are pretty much manageable.

“The priority for clubs in these countries is to urgently distribute cash prizes and start selling subscriptions.

“On the contrary, for the big leagues and for UEFA itself, the financial costs of canceling the season as it stands are so unmanageable.

“After discussions at the start of next week, it is very likely that we will move towards a Belgian-style decision, but it is obvious that this should then be legally sealed before any announcement. “

While the Belgian authorities have made champions of Bruges, they have not addressed the issue of relegation to the other end of the table for best flights. It is understood that they could choose to rebuild their entire league organization rather than order the clubs to give up.

This option could also be discussed by the FBCL board of directors next week, but it would require the support of 11 of the top 12 clubs as well as the support of 75% of the clubs in the three lower leagues.

But the “null and void” alternative is dismissed as “totally impractical,” according to our source: “It has never been considered a viable option. The legal implications of saying that this season never really existed would be absolutely immense. “


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