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Spain will delay its coronavirus lockdown for 5 weeks until at least the next month, and has warned that Might is likely to be only the start of a slow transition to life after quarantine.

In a handful on Saturday night, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said he would ask Parliament for a two-week extension of the state of alert – the authorized extraordinary order underlying the foreclosure.

However, he added that his authorities are deliberating on a slight remnant of the regime – one of the most difficult on the planet – to allow children to leave their properties before the start of this month.

Currently, the state of alert, which gives the federal government broad powers, is set to expire on April 26; a two-week extension will bring it to at least May 9.

“In the month of May, we will begin to take the first steps towards a new normal,” said Sánchez, while warning that the transition to life after the foreclosure could be slow and gradual. step.

Spain, the country where the death of the coronavirus cost 20,000 zeros on Saturday, is without doubt one of the nations most affected by the pandemic. Mr. Sánchez said that if it had succeeded in reducing the speed of transmission of the virus, “these achievements are nevertheless insufficient, and above all fragile: they cannot be endangered with hasty choices”.

Spain is improving every day in documented circumstances, going from 30% and above the last month to 2% to 3% this month, while the variety of deaths has gone from a peak of 950 on April 2 to between 500 and 600 per day the previous week.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez: “Europe must not allow the wolves of anti-European populism to reap the fruits of this catastrophe to reveal their message of hate”. © Moncloa / Europa Press / dpa

The Spanish Prime Minister has indicated that the lockdown will not end until the standards of the World Organization for Welfare have been met in the management and tracing of the pandemic, and that it could very well be tightened if the deployment of the virus explodes again.

However, he added that after a session with consultants and psychologists, he would suggest that from April 27, children would no longer be forced to stay in the residence – noting that they are currently confined to apartments which can generally be 40 m². meters or much less. He warned that children would only be able to hit the road for a limited time every day and would like to take precautions to keep away from the spread of the virus.

Noting that the IMF had predicted that Spain would suffer its worst financial efficiency during these 12 months for the reason that the civil conflict of 1936-1939 – an 8% drop in GDP – Mr. Sánchez said that, “a Once we do the business once again on the streets and the foreclosure begins to end, we will discover the devastation caused by a conflict without bombs. “

He spoke of the solidarity of an EU summit the following week following discussions on the contentious issue of a European fund to deal with the financial devastation caused by the pandemic – a subject which has raised tensions between north and south.

“It will be unforgivable for Europe to repeat the mistakes of the previous one,” he said in a reference to the legacy of the monetary catastrophe. “Europe must not allow the wolves of anti-European populism to reap the fruits of this catastrophe in order to spread their message of hate. “


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