Sonoma becomes the 1st Bay Area county to make face masks mandatory in public


SONOMA COUNTY, California (KRON) – By the end of the week in Sonoma County, face covers will be required in public.

The order was made by the county health worker.

This makes Sonoma the first county in the Bay Area to require the use of masks.

Bandanas, scarves, t-shirts or towels. Hand-sewn or made in the factory, whatever your preference, cloth or fabric face covers to protect the mouth and nose are compulsory in Sonoma County.

“I wouldn’t want to give someone an illness, so I think it’s a good idea,” said Patricia Souza. The

The county health worker’s order is effective Friday and will remain in effect indefinitely.

Regulars at the Petaluma East Side farmer’s market are already used to covering their faces.

“It is good for sellers and farmers here to be healthy and able to keep doing what they are doing. This helps keep customers safe and healthy and everyone, “said Karen Marks. The

The command does not apply when you are driving alone in your car or with someone else in your household.

You just have to put the mask in your car if you need to lower the window and talk to a food service worker, a first responder or someone else.

It is also recommended not to buy an N-95 respirator, but to keep it for healthcare workers and first responders.

“It’s about protecting people, so that’s fine with me,” said Adam Knaak. The

The order comes during an extended shelter order on site due to the new coronavirus, or COVID-19 pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested the use of face masks to help stop the spread of the virus.

Sonoma County is now going further by requiring that they be used before entering an indoor facility outside their own home, other enclosed space or outside if you can’t keep six feet between you. and the next closest person.

“All the scientific data that seems to indicate that some people do not know that they are infected and that they could be on the move. So they think it’s another way, another layer of security. I’m ready to try it, “said Souza. The

Businesses can also refuse to serve anyone not wearing a face cover.

Failure to maintain good health could result in a fine and possibly imprisonment.

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